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Where Do I Begin?

1. Please first visit the EVENT MAP and choose the event you wish to attend.
2. Visit that particular event thread in the FORUMS to learn a bit more.
3. Registration generally opens two months prior to the actual event date.
4. Visit the FORUMS or our FaceBook page for updates.
5. Join us on FaceBook by "liking" us on FaceBook.
6. Follow us on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

Watch OLCMSS full length High Definition quality films!
www.lionclawsfilms.com offers HD quality full length films for your enjoyment absolutely free! (you do need high speed internet and a quality video card on your PC).

Policy on non-US citizens:
US citizenship required only when an event is sponsored by a Federal agency and carried out on Federal installation such as Fort Hood and Fort Knox.

Who is OLCMSS's Parent Company?
Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series is produced by Best of USA Marketing.

Does Best of USA Marketing Donate to Charities?
Through OLCMSS events, Best of USA Marketing has donated to individual soldiers/families in need, Special Operations Warriors Foundation, USMC Ball Fund, Honor The Fallen, and is always seeking other appropriate venues to benefit soldiers/families.

How can I get notified about the events?
Simple, just use the Contact Us link to the left and follow the newsletter signup link.

Are the event VIPs real?
Shocking to many, our VIPs are real, not "youtube-made up".

What is Mil Sim?
Mil Sim stands for Military Simulation. Mil Sim Airsoft is all about understanding and appreciating the working orders of the real military by providing attendees both Warning Orders (WarnOrd or commercially known as Player Kit), and an unique combat environment with noted retired and former Military personalities to lead participants in combat. Mil Sim is about following orders and watching out for your battle buddy, not "Hot Dogging". Mil Sim is about gearing up in the proper uniform/gear and focusing on your Mission. In short, Mil Sim is about "Honor-Tactics-Unity".

How different is it from Paintball?
Standard paintball tournaments are non-military and operate in a series of 10-15 minute games based on capture the flag or speedball. Each team is usually made up of 5-6 individuals.
Lion Claws series events are based on military style missions with a military style command structure. Each scenario could run anywhere from 90-180 minutes up to and including including full day scenarios. Each Squad is made up of 12 personnel, each Platoon is made up of 4 squads plus a Platoon Leader and a Platoon Sergeant. Depending on the size of the event, each Company could consist of 3-4 platoons. Each event can have one or more Companies per side, and each side will generally have a VIP Commander.

Lion Claws vs Lion Pride events:
Lion Claws series is a 3-day military simulation series involving military personalities at unique AOs and often times attendees must be 18 or older. Lion Pride (ages 14+) series is a 1-day military simulation series at unique AOs.

What is Lionclaws Films
Lionclaws Films are professionaly produced full length (not YouTube) features documenting 3-day ops ranging from Lion Claws to IRENE to Red Storm East, etc.

What is LionclawsTV on YouTube
LionclawsTV on YouTube are clips and dailys from either 3-day Lion Claws events or 1-day Lion Pride events among other misc. clips.

I Need To Be with MY TEAM!
Automatic registration system will group members by TEAM AFFILIATION, meaning as long as you and your buddies have the same TEAM NAME (spelling and grammar must be the same), we will do our very best to group you together.

What is Platoon Registration?
If you and your men, 35 or more, want to be in the SAME PLATOON, please put down your PLATOON NAME (not team name) in the TEAM AFFILIATION area in your REGISTRATION so we know to group you all together.

Sniper and Spotter Team
There is ONE Sniper/Spotter team PER PLATOON and they must be 21+ and approved by Platoon Leader.

What kind of people take part in these events?
Attendees range from accountants, bankers, business owners, clerks, corporate types, current and past military/law enforcement, designers, to lawyers, models, programmers, students, teachers, etc. Remember this is NOT about "War", it's about "Team Effort".

What level of skill is required to attend these events?
Those who are well disciplined, work well with others and enjoy Military Simulation are welcome.

What is the age limit?
All events are 18+ unless noted otherwise. As of 2015, all minors ages 14-17 (not accepting anyone younger at 3-day events) must be Camp Wolverine (link! click it for more info) certified. Once certified, the minor may apply directly to attend 3-day events unless prohibited by law or location management. Parent Consent Form is still required by law.

Is it safe?
Airsoft BB's can certainly cause injury if shot at a close range. We require every participant to wear full seal goggles for eye protection. Our FPS (BB velocity) procedures are strict and not negotiable to ensure all participants' safety.

Full face mask required?
While we strongly recommend full face masks for better protection, it is not required.

Shooting glasses allowed?
Shooting glasses that are FULLY SEALED around your face are allowed. Standard eyeglass version not permitted.

What physical condition is required to attend?
This varies based upon the terrain of each event. At least a modicum of fitness is generally required.

Do women participate in these events?
Female attendees have become commonplace at our events.

Are spectators allowed?
Due to the nature of these events, spectators are not allowed.

Are friends and family members of the attendees allowed on site?
Due to camp site (personal belongs and such) security, we do not allow friends and families; in fact, most of our AO (area of operation) would not permit non-registered personnel on site unless specified otherwise (case by case).

Are cameras allowed?
Cameras are allowed but no filming unless specified due to the official movie crews at work.

What if I only want to be a Sniper or SAW gunner?
While possible, the number of slots for SAW gunners and Snipers is limited. We ask all attendees to be flexible. Inflexible attendees are not welcome.

How about food and accommodations?
Since our events are usually two to three day events, camping is popular with most attendees while some prefer the comfort of local motels. A food vendor is generally available from the local area or people may choose to drive to local restaurants or stay in camp and cook.

Toilets and light?
Portable toilets are provided at all our events while light towers may be provided at our events that last more than one day.

BB showers and box mag okay?
Neither BB showers nor high capacity or box mags are allowed at our events (unless the mag is for a squad weapon, i.e. SAW) since our focus is more tactical and less "spray and pray".

How does one become a leader at the events?
Simple, email me with your real life credentials and explain your desire to serve others.

Are cheaters punished?
Cheating is penalized by both deduction from the point total of the cheater's unit and by PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT. We believe in Public Humiliation.

Fights at the events?
Fortunately the caliber of the participants at our events attract are above and beyond the petty types. However, if such a thing were to occur, fights will result in Point Deduction from the respective units, PUBLIC ANNOUNCMENT, EXPULSION from the event without refund and likely banning from all Best of USA events. We generally have police officers among attendees to assist with this type of behavior as well.

Cancellation and Substitution Policy
All registrations are binding contracts. Cancellation and substitution policy are listed on each event homepage. Please kindly read them before you register. Typically no penalty on cancellations 30-days out(substitutions accommodated with penalty if made 30 days prior to event date). A $40 processing fee will apply to all Cancellations and Substitutions within 30 days up to 21 days of event. No refund within 21 days of event (this is simply due to our own payment schedule and swag processing/ordering time, we, too, must meet payment deadlines with penalties). Substitution ($40 fee applied) may be requested up to 14 days of event date due to SECURITY ROSTER deadline. No refund nor "credit" on NO SHOWs (please note that each location is owned by a different owner, what you paid out to location A has no baring on the next project location).