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Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series

The Operation Lion Claws Military Simulations series is the largest producer of organized Airsoft military simulations in the United States. Combining exciting venues, both military urban combat training facilities and "real world" facilities, with the leadership of VIPs such as US Army Ranger Col Danny McKnight, we're able to produce the most exciting Airsoft games while paying tribute to those who have served in the real military.

Operation Lion Claws had its first event on a paintball field in Bakersfield, CA in 2002. The concept was simple: Alpha Company, led by retired Army Ranger Col. Danny McKnight of Black Hawk Down fame, versus Bravo Company, led by former LRRP Ranger Sgt. Kenn Miller of Vietnam War fame.

80 players supported this unknown event in 2002.

MSG "Mad Max" Mullen came on the scene in Operation Lion Claws - II in 2003 to lead B Company while Sgt. Kenn Miller led the staff unit known as "Shadow Squad". At the end of LC-II, MSG's XO, Dennis Jordan, presented Mad Max with an AEG on behalf of B Company.

While Col. McKnight's A Company took the crown again in LC-II, a rivalry was born.

Over the years, Operation Lion Claws expanded to Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS), which encompasses events such as Lion Claws, Operation IRENE™, Bull Dog, Night Scorpion, Hac Bao, Northern Wind, Lightning Strike, Red Storm, Red Storm-East, Northern Light, with the new Operation Route66 series debuting in Oct. 2011.

The OCLMSS VIP lineup has also grown to include retired Green Beret legend Col. Paul Longgrear of Battle of Lang Vei fame, retired Army Ranger 1stSgt. Matt Eversmann of Black Hawk Down fame, and former Soviet 17th Airborne Brigade Sgt. Igor Dobroff who served in Afghanistan in 1979 and 1980.

Dream to Screen Productions, OLCMSS's film production arm, has produced the highest quality Airsoft films and promos in the hobby via operations Lion Claws, Operation IRENE™ and Red Storm.

OLCMSS sponsors evolved from key Airsoft retailers and manufacturers to regional National Guard units and Army AP&A, to official support from the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC).

Since 2002, OLCMSS has inspired hundreds of young men and women to join the US armed services; with it, the Lion Claws family lost a few of its own via recent armed conflicts.

We are proud to be included in the lives of so many men and women who enjoy the sport of Airsoft.

We are further honored and privileged to walk the grounds alongside many who served in the armed forces.

With your support, OLCMSS will continue its mission

"Breeding A New Generation of Patriots"