January 2023 Thunderdome I is a wrap!

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January 2023 Thunderdome I is a wrap!

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Thunderdome I is a wrap! We learned a great deal on how to create better mission on this AO and how to adjust rate of fire and etc. Thunderdome-II will take place over May 5~7, 2023 weekend and it'll include the SEARS building.

Some of the changes to expect in Thunderdome II...

A. Semi only throughout (no more SMG in full auto and etc.)
B. Basement NO GRENADES in basement (fire/smoke hazard).
C. Stairwell to basement will be CLEARLY MARKED with a S (all within or near FOOD COURT)

Stay tuned for more details on Thunderome II page to come as we continue to brainstrom. Nothing is set in stone at this point.


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