About Thunderdome...Jan. 2023

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About Thunderdome...Jan. 2023

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This is a reminder about Thunderdome AO...it's a mall less corner stores like what we did at MetroCenter in Phoenix, AZ in 2020. We'll be able to fight from store to store(no knocking down walls nor breaking store front windows), utilize back tunnels, and even massive basement with 3 sets of stairs underneath the food court. That said, we need to treat this property with respect. This is NOT like what we had in Cleveland that one year as you can see from photos. This property is to be rezoned and turn into condos. If we are lucky and everyone cooperate and RESPECT for PROPERTY we maybe able to return when corners stores finally sign over their lease so we can get into them, i.e. movie theater and possibly SEARS.

Chief of Staff is Mr. Kevin "Crisper" Walker of NC, team TDZ who already put boots on the ground a month ago and will make another trip soon. There's no tent camping allowed, but we're hoping RVs are allowed, so stay tuned. Durham is a big town so no shortage of inexpensive motels, especially in January. Ample fast food and restaurants near by as well. Stay tuned for more updates.


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