2024 Events at a glance

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2024 Events at a glance

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Due to the nature of our unique AOs we'll publish each AO once it's confirmed. Here're prelim timelines:

3/25~27 Thunderdome IV, Oil War, Durham, NC
4/13 Cartel Wars, Santa Clarita, CA
5/24~26 Lionclaws XXIII-Operation Annexation, Victorville, CA
7/19~21 LCTC-Castle, Team Tactical Challenge, Former NV State Prison, Carson City, NV (14 six-person teams)
8/23~25 Thunderdome V, All Out War, Durham, NC
9/07 LCTC-Mojave, Team Tactical Challenge, Majove Airport, Mojave, CA (8 eight-person teams)
10/4~6 Operation IRENE at MUTC, Butterville, IN
10/18~20 Operation Devil Dog at Camp Pendleton with USMC, Oceanside, CA
10/25~27 Operation Fire Storm, AO TBD, SC
12/14 Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, TBD, Santa Clarita, CA

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