Hac Bao morphed into "Final Count Down"

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Hac Bao morphed into "Final Count Down"

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Historical games are just a bridge too far. So far there are mainly GIs and ONE NAV. We've instructed Evike.com to let their customers know that we'll morph Hac Bao into New Horizon (one-day game at $60) and use the Vietnam Unit (GIs) in a "Final Count Down" scenario...basically a Vietnam unit lost in the jungle and came upon a fire fight between SOCOM and Red Scorpion Army, the unit has to decide which side to fight for.

NAM era Ranger Mr. Jorgenson's hip is not well so he also couldn't join us. Our Vietnam vets are getting up in age 65~70 :(

Sanna Ranch is more lush than ever after the storm so this would still be an amazing photo op.


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