A few facts about LionClaws Films

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A few facts about LionClaws Films

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LionClaws FIlms is finally up and running with its first Op, Operation Red Storm East! Here are a few FAQs about the site and how it works:

Q: We used to have to pay for or rip our friend's DVDs to watch LC ops. Is LCF Really Free? How can this be?!!
A: LCF will carry all future ops for FREE, as well as the past DVDs which will be released over the next couple years. LCF's corporate sponsors decided that rather than limiting their audience by charging for DVDs, they preferred to maximize their exposure and offer everything for free, online and in HD!

Q: When I try to watch a video, the video stutters and pauses. How can I get the video to play back smooth?
A: We decided to go with picture quality over streaming speed. Depending on the speed of your connection you may need to pause the video and let it buffer for a little while before playback. Also, check with your DSL providers, many companies are offering faster connections for the same price or less! I just upgraded my lines to 12MB/Sec and it's cheaper than what I was paying for DSL! I am researching the ability to add an actually download link for you to be able to save the video and watch later.

If you guys have any other questions or comments regarding LCF, please feel free to direct them here and we'll add it to the FAQ.
Dave Craig
DreamtoScreen Productions

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