Required Reading

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Required Reading

Post by axraupp »

If you haven't read this yet, you should/must:
Blackhawk Down by Mark Bowden ... 580&sr=1-1

While you've already seen the movie, which is a very good cross-section of the events, the book goes into much more detail, is more thorough and an excellent job on combat reporting.

The author spent a lot of time interviewing many of the players, from the guys up top to the guys on the ground. So, the book covers all those aspects and you get a universal view as well as of each squad/team/man. It covers details and situations that some might consider embarrassing so is very open.

As a result of the articles and book, Bowden was tapped as an expert and given the opportunity to speak to many classified and high-level teams.

I have read a number of military/combat/history books and this is the best I have read so far. You can probably pick it up for a couple bucks at a used book store.


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Just on that note, pretty much all of Bowden's books follow suit.

"Killing Pablo", the story of the hunt for the Columbian Drug Lord and "Not A Good Day To Die", the story of Operation Anaconda, are both well written and researched as well.
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And if that still doesn't cure your reading bug ails... read:

In the Company of Heroes by Michael J Durrant
Mogadishu!: Herosim and Tragedy and
The Battle of Mogadishu

I've read these over the past 4 weeks along with Blackhawk Down as I was laid up with a work related injury... Plus you can only watch so much of the Olympics thoughout the day without falling asleep.

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Post by Morris15 »

The Night Stalkers by Michael Durant and Steven Hartov is also a good book conserning that fateful day in Somalia. It, of course is from the pilot's view of those events.
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You mean someone in the 160th can write? LOL!
Yea, read Bowden's book and don't take the movie to be entirely factual... it was, after all, Hollywood!
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(I'll have to check for that "Night Stalkers" book)
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