Post Expo Vids and Pics!

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Post Expo Vids and Pics!

Post by Lionclaws »

Post Expo vids and pics.....(here or via FB at Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series)

...some by Keith Davis

.. covering mostly WW2, through the eyes of an avid 21st Century collector. Exclusively made for Green Leader's Unofficial 21st Century Fan Club, I think there are now enough of them "in the can" to spread the word to other forums, while I work up more. These are experimental, so bear with me while I work out the kinks of reaching the right balance of audio and video quality, while yet keeping the file sizes low and easy to download and play. The 1st was all "stitched" back together, and will be the longest to load, but after that, the "Phunnies" are in smaller chunks, so you can watch a little or a lot of a given topic, as you wish and have time for.

These are NOT made to be played full screen, but rather in the native size they each may have. Best if played in Quicktime, but will also work with RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, if you have the Quicktime codecs or plug-ins installed in those listed players. If you have a Mac, you should already have Quicktime on your machine, PC folks may have to install the codecs or install Quicktime for Windows.

So, in order as presented on Green Leader's Photo Section, here are the first 5 episodes of Gunny's Phunnies, and thanks to GL all without ADS or Banners to slow down your fun. M5 Stuart, Kettenkrad and Motorcycle with sidecar, M2 Bradley, Patton DCC, and Kubelwagons. More to come if the interest holds on.

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4308

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4316

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4324

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4336

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4343

GP6 "Phunnie", It Figures ... ( or not ). Oddly enough, about .... figures.

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4350

GP7, "Mini Printies, Get 'em free, Use 'em.

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4366

GP8, 21st SWAT Motorcycle and Rider verses PTE Kawasaki KLR 650, with corrections for GP1 and GP5

GP9 21st White Scout Car

GP10, the "X"Mas Bonus, 21st PAK 40 and the DiD PzB41

The Latest Phunnie, GP11, "21st OH6 Loach and Other Viet Nam items"

Test Promo for a new "comic series" I'm playing around with at doing, "Trunk Monkey"

Ultimate Soldier Submitted Photos Page 4372

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Re: Post Expo Vids and Pics!

Post by GunShyCCTV »

Hi everyone, GunShyCCTV here.

The links above are to my series of reviews, called Gunny's Phunnies.

Here are links to pictures and videos taken at the Airsoft Expo / A Weekend of Heroes 2012 in Columbus Ohio. ... 9Ffrmt5mSM ... 9FgFWt5mSM ... 9FgU2t5mSM

Video links directly ... ... G_0047.mp4 ... G_0066.mp4 ... G_0095.mp4 ... G_0091.mp4

Hope you like them, miss seeing you all already.

Keith aka Gun Shy

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