2023 IRENE Weapons class, safety, chrono, and grenade rules.

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2023 IRENE Weapons class, safety, chrono, and grenade rules.

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2-5 General Weapon Safety
2-5.1.1 LMG/SAW players may shoot full auto while inside of a building if they are shooting at targets outside of the building (through windows/doors/etc.).
2-5.1.2 Should a player accidentally shoot their weapon on full auto during an interior engagement, they must immediately pull their red rag and proceed to respawn immediately - they may not be healed by a medic.
2-5.2 There is no Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) for anyone other than Sniper Weapon classes. DO NOT INTENTIONALLY OVERSHOOT. Sniper Weapons have a MED of 100ft if utilizing 6mm BBs, and 150ft if utilizing 8mm BBs.
2-5.3 Headshots are STRONGLY discouraged - Aim for center mass.
2-5.4 Tunnel Engagements
2-5.4.1 No weapons other than semi-auto pistols may be utilized when firing inside, into, or out of tunnel structures. IE - If you are moving through a tunnel, going into, or firing into an entrance/exit, you may only shoot with a semi-auto pistol. No rifles, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, etc. may be utilized. No exceptions.
2-5.4.2 Tunnels are very physically challenging, please do not go into tunnels if you are not capable of handling the physical stress and exertion needed.

3-1.1 All weapons must utilize BIODEGRADABLE BB’s for the duration of the event.
● No non-bio, silica, glass, metal bb’s, etc. - infractions are subject to immediate ejection.
3-1.2 Velocity reducers are NOT allowed
3-1.3 All Airsoft weapons including non-blowback pistols and CO2 powered pistols (excluding gas blowback pistols) must be chronoed and tagged by an OLCMSS Staff member. All guns will be chronoed with the hop-up completely off.
*ALL PISTOLS/SIDEARMS whether required to chrono or not are subject to normal/standard chrono limits. (1.55j w/ .30g BB)
3-1.4 Players should report to the chrono station with the following:
● Full-seal eye protection
● Weapon(s) to be chronoed
● One EMPTY mag for each type of weapon to be chronoed
● Charged batteries, gas, or other propellantS
● NIPERS must supply their own .34g or .36 gram BBs in labeled container

Staff manning chrono will insert the testing BBs in the empty mag. Please be aware that they will dump existing BBs prior to loading chrono BBs if the magazine is not empty.

Rifleman None .30g 1.55j See 3-1.5
Shotgun None 6mm - .30g
8mm - See 3.1.5 1.13j -
LMG/SAW See Rifleman Limits 45 RPS
Sniper 6mm - 100ft
8mm - 150ft 6mm - .36g
8mm - .38g 6mm - 3.39j
8mm - 2.84j -
SMG Ref. Rifleman Limits
NBB/C02 Pistols Ref. Rifleman Limits

Rifleman Chrono (AEG / HPA / GBBR)
3-1.5 All non-sniper weapons will be chronographed using event BB sponsor’s “Biodegradable” or “Earth Friendly” .30 gram BBs. Semi Only*.
*Semi-automatic fire that is fast enough to seem like or replicate automatic fire is not allowed.

1.55j 0 Feet Semi Only

Shotgun Chrono
3-1.6 All shotguns allowed, spring or gas, 6 mm or 8 mm. Must CHRONO with 1 BB loaded, even if it fires multiple BBs. Must chrono no more than 1.13J with .30g BB. Whether gas or spring, 6 mm or 8 mm, may be used inside or outside. 8mm must supply their own ammo in a labeled container. No fully-automatic shotguns.

1.13j 0 Feet No Full Auto

LMG/SAW Chrono
3-1.7 LMG/SAW Weapon Energy Limit 1.55 Joules (Only one per squad), no SAW firing indoors unless it has a selector switch and can shoot on semi-auto.

1.55j 0 Feet 45 rounds per second

Sniper Chrono
3-1.8 All sniper weapons will be chronographed using .34 gram BBs (8mm) or .36 gram BBs (6mm).

.34g 8mm 2.84j 150 Feet Semi Only
.36g 6mm 3.39j 100 Feet Semi Only

SMG Chrono
3-1.9 Submachine guns will fall under the Rifleman ruleset and WILL NOT be allowed to go full auto. SMGs will chrono as regular chrono (see 3-1.4).


HOT/NO-GO Weapons
3-1.10 If a gun fires over the established joule limit for its class, the Chrono Marshall will immediately check the weapon and re-fire. If the weapon continues to fire over the limit, it will not be tagged and is not cleared for play.
It does not matter if your replica is shooting .1j over, or .001j over - the limit is the limit.
3-1.11 A NO GO gun has three options:
1. The weapon is secured and remains unused throughout the event.
2. The player tunes the weapon to within limits and re-chronos the gun.
3. The player leaves the AO with the Airsoft weapon.
3-1.12 All Airsoft weapons are subject to staff spot checks throughout the event.
3-1.13 Chronoing will be available from Friday afternoon after check in until 7 pm Friday evening, and again Saturday morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am.
3-1.14 Any un-tagged guns found in the game are grounds for immediate disciplinary action. It is the player's responsibility to make sure his/her gun is properly inspected and tagged before the game.

This area left intentionally blank
3-2.1 Squads consisting of generally 12 players will be composed of riflemen, one (1) SAW Gunner, and one (1) Heavy Weapon specialist.
3-2.2 Your CLASS is pre-determined by your squad leader, who will report your role in advance to OLCMSS staff. Contact your squad leader through the secure OLCMSS public forum to request a special class or for more information. In the absence of contact all players should assume they will play Rifleman roles at this event.
3-3 Rifleman Class
3-3.1 Riflemen are limited to commercially available NON-WINDING magazines that only carry 250 BBs or less. Midcap, Standard and Low-cap mags (e.g. STAR magazines) are welcome if they meet this criteria.
3-3.2 Riflemen may carry as many legal magazines as they can fit on their person.
3-3.3 All riflemen ARE REQUIRED to respect the site by using biodegradable BBs in their guns, period.
3-4 LMG/SAW Class
3-4.1 Each squad may have one (1) designated LMG/SAW (light machine gun or squad automatic weapon) gunner(s). A LMG/SAW gunner may use electric or manual winding magazines (box, c-mag, or other large volume bulky style – no conventional hi-caps or flash mags) with his weapon, and has no restrictions on ammunition capacity. Only he/she is allowed to use such magazines, and such magazines can only be used with approved OLCMSS SAW weapons (defined below).
3-4.2 Guns that are faithful recreations of belt-fed firearms qualify as LMG/SAWs for this event. This includes (but is not limited to) the M60, M249, MG42, RPD, Shrike, M240B, PKM and similar models.
*NO MP5's, M-16’s, regular AK-47’s, m27IAR or non SAW weapons.
3-4.3 The approved OLCMSS LMG/SAW non-belt-fed gun list is as follows: RPK, MG36 (not just G36 with drum mag.), L86A2 LSW.
*Again, these guns must be faithful recreations of actual guns.
3-4.4 To be a faithful recreation a LMG/SAW must be as cosmetically similar as possible to the original gun. OLCMSS staff reserve the right to determine what is “cosmetically similar.” Players with custom guns should direct their questions to the OLCMSS public forum and must receive approval from OLCMSS staff on or before Sept. 21, 2023.
3-4.5 It is ok for a LMG/SAW gunner to use non-winding midcap rifleman magazines in his/her LMG/SAW.
3-4.6 Squads may replace their LMG/SAW gunner position with a Rifleman (the LMG/SAW slot is optional).
3-4.7 Officers, Recon/Sniper members, and Platoon leadership (LT/Plt Sgt) are not eligible to be LMG/SAW gunners.
3-5 Heavy Weapons Class
3-5.1 Each squad may have one (1) heavy weapons specialist. He/She is the only team member that may carry/use M203s, AT launchers, or other special launching weapons. Heavy weapons MAY NOT FIRE nerf rockets inside buildings nor may they fire multiple BB firing M203 grenades inside. These are only to be used in outside contact.
3-5.2 He/She is also the only player who may fire rocket rounds. Acceptable rocket rounds are:
Nerf Pocket Howler, Nerf Pocket Vortex, Pecker MK2, or Zocker Darts. Requests for use of nerf type rockets other than stated should be made in the event forums, or via PM or email to staff.
3-5.3 Specialists may carry up to 4 rocket rounds on their person at any one time (you may store more back at your FOB). Only Heavy Weapons class players may transport rocket rounds. Specialists may carry an unlimited number of propellant/beehive grenades.
3-5.4 Specialists are cleared to use beehive/BB rounds in their launchers.
*NOT the MASTER MIKE 40mm full auto round by Airsoft Innovations.
3-5.5 The list of approved commercial launchers is the following:
1. Any M203 Variant (Sun Project, G&P, CAW, Star, Echo 1, etc…)
2. CAW M79
3. Smokey's RPG
4. Rusty's Paintball
5. Blackpoint Launcher (12g CO2 cartridges only)
6. Tag-MG36 CO2 or HPA

This area left intentionally blank
3-5.5 Custom built player launchers will only be approved under the following conditions on a case-by-case basis: A Moscart-style grenade using green gas is the launcher’s propellant (no CO2).
1. It uses only approved rocket rounds as specified in 3-5.2
2. The launcher as designed is incapable of firing no more than one round every 7-10 seconds (no rapid fire systems).
3. The launcher looks like a real military RPG/LAW style weapon (don’t grab a pvc tube, slap a sticker on it, and ask us…)
4. Front/rear/left/right and breech (if any) pictures are provided to OLCMSS staff.
5. The designer provides all necessary information and photographs on or before Sept. 21, 2023.
6. The designated OLCMSS Chief of Staff or Chief Safety Officer signs off on the design on or before Sept. 21, 2023.
7. The custom launcher is tagged by OLCMSS chrono staff as approved for use.
8. Players submitting custom launchers must be willing to take a hit in the back from their own launcher at 25ft.
9. The weapon will be shot by COS or Head Chrono Marshall.
10. If Player refuses to be shot the weapon is an automatic rejection and will not be allowed to be used.
3-5.6 Bringing a custom launcher without prior approval as specified in 3-5.5 will result in automatic rejection.
3-5.7 Moscart-style grenades may only use Green Gas or HFC 134a (or equivalent) as propellant, with absolutely no CO2 in grenade shells. Bulk power sources (such as tanks) using C02 or HPA must be regulated and have the ability to lock out the regulator so that it cannot be adjusted in the field. Velocity of nerf projectiles (standard 32g weight) must not exceed 250 FPS
3-5.8 Other than their heavy weapon, these specialists are governed by all the same rules as riflemen.
3-5.9 Squads may replace their Heavy Weapon Specialist with a Rifleman (the slot is optional).
3-5.10 Nerf rounds have a minimum engagement distance of 30 feet.
3-5.11 Officers, Recon/Sniper members, and Platoon leadership (LT/Plt Sgt) are not eligible to be HWS class.

This area left intentionally blank
3-5.12 Anyone using M203 or LAW or equivalent with Nerf Howlers, Zocker Darts, Nerf rockets (or the equivalent found in 3-5.2) can only fire them DIRECTLY at a vehicle to take it out.
1. A direct hit takes out the vehicle for 5 minutes, then it must return to its FOB to regen for a designated time period (out of service).
2. A nerf is NOT to be fired directly AT a person or persons, but may be fired in PROXIMITY to them (See 3-10 Area Effect/Blast Radius).
3. A 30-foot minimum engagement limit is in effect for any nerf rocket or equivalent projectile fired in proximity to players or directly at vehicles.
4. DO NOT SHOOT BB’s at vehicles or the people driving them, they CANNOT be killed by BBs, only NERF rockets will take out a vehicle.
5. Drivers of vehicles are NON-Combatants while driving or in a vehicle. Players dismounting a disabled vehicle may be engaged with AEGs/BBs.
3-5.13 Using M203's, (though NOT LAWs) with BBs only (as designed) is fine, and can be shot at players outside buildings (multiple BBs fired from M203s , CAWs revolver, are OK, but be mindful of engagement distances), but cannot be used inside buildings. M203s or LAWs shooting BBs however will NOT take out a vehicle, only a nerf round can do that. Minimum engagement limit of 0 feet applies to multiple BB firing weapons.
3-5.14 NO LAUNCHING PYROTECHNICS WILL BE ALLOWED BY PLAYER BASE! Launchable pyro will be conducted by OLCMSS Staff and Site RSOs ONLY! This includes the following rounds: Reaper MK2 3.5, Reaper MK2 5.0, TAG-25DP MK2, Velum MK2, Paladin MK2, and all MK1 Taginn launchable pyrotechnics or similar devices.
3-6 Sniper And Assist/Spotter Class
3-6.1 Each Platoon will have one (1) assigned recon/sniper team as determined by application with the event promoter and Platoon leadership ahead of time.
3-6.2 Each team consists of two (2) individuals, a SNIPER and an ASSIST/SPOTTER.
3-6.3 The SNIPER from each team may use sniper Joule qualified weapons. Sniper Joule weapons must either be bolt action, or permanently fixed semi-automatic guns (unable to fire automatic without complete disassembly).
3-6.4 The ASSIST/SPOTTER follows all riflemen rules for his/her weaponry.
3-6.5 SNIPER and ASSIST/SPOTTER players may wear ghillie suits that conform to their Company’s basic uniform colors, TFR / USGI tri-color desert or tan or brown, SNA / USGI woodland or green.
3-6.6 Sniper class weapons have a minimum engagement distance see 3-1.8.
3-6.7 ABSOLUTELY NO magazine-sized high-cap magazines requiring manual winding or flash mags are allowed!
3-8 Hand Grenades
3-8.1 Escort gas powered AHG-01 (or subsequent versions),Thunder B and AI Tornado BB hand grenades. Other brands on a case-by-case basis, please ask.
3-8.2 Pyrotechnic fragmentation and sound grenades such as EG67, FBG-6 mini, FBG-4, AFG-4, TAG-67, TAG-19, IWA M11, IWA M12 are allowed. Other brands on a case-by-case basis, please ask.
3-8.3 Smoke grenades must be cold burning smoke and colors are determined by site management. Smoke grenades do not fall under the grenade limit rule. Any smoke device MUST be approved by OLCMSS Staff prior to use.
● Smoke must be used OUTSIDE ONLY and should be deployed on hard surfaces (roads, cement, packed dirt, etc.) Please avoid throwing into or near any dry grass.
3-8.4 Each player is allowed to carry up to 2 fragmentation hand grenades on their person at any one time (extra may be left at their FOB). Any class of player may use/carry hand grenades. Any player caught with more than 2 will automatically be considered dead and forfeit extra grenades to OLCMSS staff (that caught said infraction) to be destroyed. They will have to pull their red rag and return to spawn.
3-8.5 No thermobaric devices will be allowed unless specifically noted in 3-8.2.
3-8.6 Do not step on grenades to keep them from exploding.
3-9 Mines, Claymores, And Booby Traps
3-9.1 Players may bring and use claymore mines under the following conditions:
a. They are spring/electric/mechanically powered (no CO2).
b. Use remote detonators - no tripwires (note: staff laid traps may use wires).
c. Use is governed by the same safety rules as AEGs. No use on targets closer than 10 feet i.e. NO POINT BLANK BOOMS!
3-9.2 Certain areas of the AO are off limits to excavation, so player-purchased below-ground mines WILL NOT be allowed at this game.
3-9.3 Any other kind of booby trap MUST be approved by staff prior to the event. If you bring it to the game and ask us there, you will be rejected. Contact staff for approval on the OLCMSS public forum for more information before Sept. 21, 2023.
3-10 Area Effect/Blast Radius
3-10.1 Rockets, booby traps, and mines (except claymore mines, see 3-10.6) are defined as area effect weapons. (Includes staff operated simulated RPG rounds and IED’s)
3-10.2 Area Effect Weapons kill all players within a 10 foot radius of their triggering, regardless which side activated them.
3-10.3 The player at the center of the blast radius calls out all other players, regardless of their side. This is the ONE exception to NOT calling other players out.
3-10.4 Only hard cover protects you from an area effect weapon. Hard cover includes a stone wall, a bunker, a building wall or similarly completely obscuring terrain. Trees, bushes, shallow ditches, and other players are NOT hard cover.
3-10.4 Hand Grenade BB firing grenades MUST strike a player (directly or indirectly) with a BB to count as a kill. These are NOT blast radius kill weapons. BB firing claymores/mines MUST also strike a player with a BB to count as a kill. However, Pyrotechnic BB grenades DO have a blast kill radius (if the grenade makes a BOOM, it has a 10 foot kill radius).
3-10.5 Rocket blast radius is determined from the point at which it comes to rest, unless it strikes a vehicle (See 8-1 Vehicle Rules). Dismounted players killed from rocket blast radius are subject to normal “hit” and “medic” rules.
3-10.6 Airsoft BB firing Claymore Mines are classified directional weapons (NOT area effect), and their BBs must strike the target to count. Claymores have a 10 foot MED.
3-11 Absolutely NO personal pyrotechnics, flares, open flames, or similar devices. Additional site regulation may prohibit the use of any smoke device, depending on weather conditions.
3-12 BB Loading Devices
3-12.1 Autoloaders (electrically powered magazine BB refillers) are restricted to use while a player is in a designated regen area(i.e. dead), FOB’s, or in the campground (out of the game). They may NOT be used at any other time.
3-12.2 Manual loaders (pistol or mag loaders, tubes, etc.) are unrestricted and may be used anywhere.

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