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Cadre evaluation are sent to each faction's XO and CO.

Here are mission point breakdowns:

Saturday Morning Evolution:
Scenario #1: Capture HVTs and decoys.
3 HVTs worth 100 points each.
2 Decoys worth 50 points each.
Alpha captured only 1 of 3 HVTs.
Bravo protected the remaining 2 HVTs and 2 decoys

Alpha: 100 points
Bravo: 300 points

Scenario #2: Flag Domination
Alpha Captured 1 of 2 flags. 100 points awarded
Flag 2 not captured

Saturday Morning Evolution total:
Alpha 200 points
Bravo 300 points

Saturday Afternoon Evolution:
Scenario #3: Crypto Recovery and transmission.
Recover 4 crypto components worth 30 points each.
Successful transmission: 100 points
Transmitting first bonus: 150 points

Bravo recovered all crypto components and transmitted first: 570 points
Alpha recovered nothing and never transmitted: 0 points

Scenario #4: Flag Domination
Bravo Captured 2 of 2 flags. 200 points awarded

Saturday Afternoon Evolution total:
Alpha 570 points
Bravo 0 points

Sunday Morning Evolution:
Scenario #5: Blackhawk Crash Sites.
2 sites worth 100 points each.
Alpha destroyed 0 sites
Bravo protected 2 sites

Alpha: 0 points
Bravo: 200 points

Scenario #6: Pilot Rescue.
Prison Break 200 points.
Pilot extraction 100 points
Alpha broke the pilot out of prison and extracted him back to their base

Alpha: 300 points
Bravo: 0 points

Scenario #7: Flag Domination
Bravo captured 2 of 2 flags. 200 points awarded

Bonus Scenario: Attack Rogue CIA and transport pilot remains (2) to drop site.
25 points for each pilot corpse delivered
Bravo recovered both corpses and delivered them to the drop site. 50 points awarded.

Sunday morning Evolution total:
Alpha 300 points
Bravo 450 points

Rogue CIA Bonus Missions:
There were some extra CIA missions that gave both sides a chance to get more points throughout the weekend
Alpha: 5 points
Bravo 20 points

Overall weekend points totals:
Alpha 505 points
Bravo 1340 points

Dave Hutte,

Dave Hutte,

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