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Lion Claws Equipment Check List

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New to multiple day Airosft Mil-Sim event? Here's a general check list to help you pack:

For those of you who’ve never been to a large weekend op, or for the many that have but could use a
reminder, we’ve compiled this list to help Lion Claws attendees. Please note some of this is optional, but
the more you can bring the more comfortable your experience will be.
Clothing Checklist:
• Squad uniform with patch sewn on
• Hat/Cover
• T-shirts for daytime
• Extra long sleeve shirt for night time (it gets cold at the AO)
• Extra boot socks
• Extra underwear
• Combat boots
• Belt(s)
• Gloves (Recommended)
• Knee and elbow pads (Recommended)
• Neck scarves/protectors
Morning Assembly Checklist (Mandatory - staff will check at inspection):
• ANSI-rated or better Eye Protection/Paintball Mask (Full face cover recommended)
• Red rag
• Rules compliant magazines for AEGs (non winding mags for Rifles, Box Magazines for SAWs)
Field Gear Checklist:
• Watch (mandatory!)
• Web Gear / Tac Vest
• Camelback hydration system (preferred) or at least 2 canteens
• FRS/GMRS radios with fresh batteries (if your unit is using radios)
• Spare batteries for all electronics (radios, flashlights, red dots, etc)
• 1st Aid kit
• Compass
Weapons & Ammo:
• Primary AEG
• Secondary AEG (Recommended)
• Sidearm
• Magazines for sidearm
• Scopes, red dots, etc.
• Weapon Sling
• Holster for sidearm
• BB's of your desired weight
• BB loader(s)
• Batteries for all guns
• Battery connector adaptors
• Gas for guns
• Gun maintenance kit (tools, silicone spray, cleaning rod, etc)
• Launchers (For those who have them)
• Nerf Pocket Howlers / hand grenades – Must be “LIVE ACTION”
• Propellant for launchers
Camping Checklist:
• Trash Bags (IMPORTANT!)
• Emergency money
• Tent w/ stakes and all equipment
• Cot or sleeping mat
• Sleeping bag
• Extra blanket (Optional, but it gets cold at night)
• Pillow
• Folding Chair
• Water (We recommend 5 gallons per person)
• Gatorade
• Hi Energy snacks (Recommended. Powerbars, beef jerky, etc)
• Small Ice chest for personal drinks
• Bug spray (Deet, Deepwoods OFF, etc)
• Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, mouthwash, soap, etc)
• Extra toilet paper (Plan for porta-potties to run out)
• Towel
• Sunblock (Sweat proof sports type is recommended, at least SPF 24)
• Chapstik (Optional but recommended)
• Calamine lotion (Recommended)
• Allergy relief and all medications
• Flashlight w/ fresh batteries
• Duct tape, twine, bungee cords (Optional, but good to have around)
• Camera(s) (Optional, but you will regret not having one)
Group Gear (if coming in a large unit):
• Large Tents w/ stakes and all equipment
• Food Cooler
• Drink Cooler
• Camo Nets w/ poles
• Camp Table
• Flagpole
• BBQ w/ Charcoal & Fluid
• Lighter
• Camp Stove
• Paper plates & bowls
• Plastic Utensils
• Cooking Pot
• Large Pans
• Lantern
• Wash Basin

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