2024 LC XIII Grenade Rules

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2024 LC XIII Grenade Rules

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2.7. Regen Rules
When a live player is hit by pellet/rocket/grenade/mine, or otherwise removed from combat,
players should immediately do the following:
a) Stop shooting,
b) Fall down, getting as low as possible
c) Get your hand up yelling “HIT HIT HIT!” as loud as you can
d) Put your red rag on so you don’t get shot… too much more
e) Wait for five minutes
To re-enter the game, a dead player MUST
Use Medic Regen:
• Have a comrade get to you within 5 minutes and tie a bandage around your arm.
• A medic regen may be only used once. The second time you are shot you must go to
a mobile regen point (no need to wait for the 5-minute bleed out). At the mobile regen
point the bandage can be removed and put away for later use.
To summarize:
• All players may carry white bandages on their person for themselves or others (any
white rag, white strip of strip of cloth or tourniquet issued from other airsoft events)
• Wounded team members may be pulled to safety and then have the bandage tied
around their arm.
Use Mobile Regen Point:
• Wait 5 minutes for bleed out.
• Walk to the nearest Mobile Regen Point (MRP) and remove red rag at regen
To summarize:
• Company command will be issued multiple Mobile Regen Points to be distributed at
their discretion.
o HQ flag is not a Mobile Regen Point
• Mobile regen points must be placed to be used.
o Mobile regens cannot be inside of or placed within 30 feet of a building.
o A player cannot carry the mobile regen flag and act as a moving mobile
• If the enemy can shoot your mobile regen then security has been lost and it cannot
be used for regen until it has been relocated away from the action and security has
been reestablished.
• Enemy team regens cannot be captured. Enemy teams can retrieve regens at any
time under any circumstance.
o Both live and dead players can move their mobile regen points.
Additional Considerations:
• Safety: By dropping or sitting down immediately after a hit you will identify that you
are no longer a threat. If a player immediately ‘stands’ up and walks away, then that
player puts him/herself in a position where they may walk directly into the line of fire
of two players currently engaging each other. In addition, a player that suddenly
‘stands’ or ‘walks’ may be mistaken for an active opponent and may be mistakenly
shot by another player that didn’t originally see that player.
• Continuance of the game: By immediately dropping or sitting down immediately after
being hit allows for the ‘advancing’ opposing team to quickly clear the area for
additional threats and ‘move on’. If you are shot and then ‘stand up’ or walk away,
then you become an obstruction causing the opposition to wait or walk around you.
This causes the game to be held up while you are in the way.
• Remember, you are dead and you are not allowed to talk with anybody, about
anything, for any reason, unless it is a game control staff member. This includes but
is not limited to; your squad mate, squad leader, platoon sergeant, platoon leader,
captain, etc. You may talk with other dead men, but you CANNOT talk about enemy
positions, enemy forces or armor, or any other aspect of the game that would be
considered sharing information.

3.7.1. Deployable hand grenades must be a “LIVE ACTION” device only. (no ribbon grenades)
a. A 15 foot - 360 degree kill radius from POINT OF DETONATION, is in place for all
grenades unless you are behind HARD cover. Hard cover is listed as a building, a
rock, a tree, a bunker or a sand/dirt mount of some type. Weeds, bushes, high grass,
dead wood, other soldiers or similar does NOT constitute cover.
b. Grenades that pop BB's.. regardless of whether a BB hits you are not… still retain the
15 foot kill radius and cover conditions as stated above.
3.7.2. Any player may carry hand grenades
3.7.3. In an effort to protect the safety of players. Players are NOT permitted to “Jump on a
live Grenade” to save the other players in the room. C02 Grenades explode outward
and can cause serious injury or even death to a player. Also, Active BB shower
grenades can spray BB’s into a players face if their eye protection jars loose while
attempting to do so. So no heroes. Take the kill and stay safe.
3.7.4. Absolutely NO personal pyrotechnics, flares, open flames, or similar devices at OPLC.
This includes NO BFG or Alpha grenades or any other device that uses “Blanks” as the
firing agent.
3.7.5. LC22/2023, NO SMOKE GRENADES OF ANY KIND (cold burning or otherwise)
3.7.6. Anyone caught using non approved grenades, smoke, pyrotechnics or launcher rounds
will be immediately escorted off the field and removed from the site. No refund will be
issue and possible ban from future events based on egregiousness of offense.
3.8.1. Special booby traps, bombs and explosive objectives may be provided by staff for game
play. These items may have special rules.
3.8.2. Players may bring and use claymore mines under the following conditions:
a. They are spring/electric/mechanically powered (no CO2).
b. Use remote detonators - no tripwires (note: staff laid traps may use wires).
c. Use is governed by the same safety rules as AEGs. No use on targets closer than
15 feet i.e. NO POINT BLANK BOOMS!
3.8.3. Certain areas of the AO are off limits to excavation, so player-purchased below-ground
mines will not be allowed at this game.
3.8.4. Any player can deploy and carry approved mines and booby traps
3.9.1. Hand Grenades, rockets, howitzer rounds, booby traps, and mines (except claymore
mines) are defined as area effect weapons.
3.9.2. Area Effect Weapons kill all players within a 20 foot radius of their triggering, regardless
which side activated them.
3.9.3. The player at the center of the blast radius calls out all other players, regardless their
side. This is the ONE exception to Rule 1-2.
3.9.4. Only hard cover protects you from an area effect weapon. Hard cover includes a stone
wall, a bunker, a building wall or similarly completely obscuring terrain. Trees, bushes,
shallow ditches, and other players are NOT hard cover.
3.9.5. Hand Grenades blast radius is determined from the point of action. Hand Grenade BBs
DO NOT need to strike a player to count as a kill.
3.9.6. Hand Grenades or Rockets launched into a room kill all players inside the room except
those outside of the room or behind hard cover like a door. Inert grenades are treated as
duds so make sure to prep grenades before hand.
3.9.7. Rocket blast radius is determined from the point of impact, unless it strikes a vehicle.
3.9.8. If a rocket destroys a vehicle, the vehicle is considered the blast radius center.
3.9.9. Airsoft Claymore Mines are classified directional weapons (NOT area effect), and their
BBs must strike the target to count.
3.9.10. Absolutely NO personal pyrotechnics, flares, open flames, or similar devices at OPLC.
LC22/2023, NO SMOKE GRENADES OF ANY KIND (cold burning or otherwise)
3.10. LAUNCHERS: The Heavy Weapons specialist / Grenadier in each squad may use a gas
launching device which uses approved projectiles to neutralize vehicles, land objectives, and
areas of troops.
a. Launching devices must be approved (not home made) and include LAWs, RPGs,
M79, and rifle mounted 203s, and EGLM launchers. Please ask at Chrono if you
are unsure of the legality of your launcher.
b. Only one Heavy Weapons Specialist per squad
c. Only nerf rounds will be accepted for rocket launchers. Absolutely NO hard tipped ,
pyrotechnic, or chalk rounds permitted.
d. ALL launchers must be self contained and CANNOT be connected via hose line to
a tank.
3.11. GRENADES: Any player may use M79, M203 Moscart style BB Grenade launchers. Minimum
engagement distance for a BB grenade shell is twenty five feet.

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