Sniper Designation Question

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Sniper Designation Question

Post by FNSCARH »

Sorry if this question was answered somewhere else. Does each squad get a sniper and is that person designated by the Force Captain or by the individual squad leader? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Sniper Designation Question

Post by MRWOJCIK »

In the past, each PLATOON can have one sniper/spotter 2-man team.
These positions are generally designated by Platoon command. If you would like to apply for one of those positions, you will send the request up the chain of command starting with your Squad leader unless Platoon command states otherwise.
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Re: Sniper Designation Question

Post by luciusthegod »

can someone run a sniper rifle, if the FPS is low enough (below 366 with a 0.25) and not be a "sniper"?
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Re: Sniper Designation Question

Post by AL429 »

luciusthegod wrote:can someone run a sniper rifle, if the FPS is low enough (below 366 with a 0.25) and not be a "sniper"?
If you are talking about running around with a bolt action airsoft replica then that person is no longer a "sniper" per say but just a "riflemen" like in World War 1 and 2. Yes I know there are some bolt action airsoft replicas out there that shoots below 370FPS with .20g BBs out of the box. According to the rules in years past it don't matter what you're running, semi-auto only AEGs, gas, HPA, spring cocking, as long as it falls under the 1.55 Joules or 366fps with .25g BBs then you are good to go as a "rifleman".

The platoon designated sniper has a different and higher gun FPS/power limit than the "rifleman". Designated Sniper weapons power/fps limit in years past was 570 FPS with .25g BBs or 3.8 Joules and the weapon must be a replica of a 7.62x51 NATO or .308 Winchester or greater caliber rifle that shoots semi-auto only. No automatic fire which means semi-auto only M14 or M21, SR-25, SCAR SSR, and SVD Drangunov are OK to be sniper weapons for designated snipers in addition to bolt action replicas.

In regard to the VSS Vintorez, currently I don't think it is allowed to be a designated sniper weapon for Lion Claws yet since almost all the airsoft AEG replicas of it I've seen all have a automatic fire feature on it that is hard to disable permanently. Don't think anyone with one would disable it since the real one also shoots in automatic fire mode as well. There is no gas version of the VSS Vintorez as of yet currently and there is no PolarStar or HPA conversion kits for the AEG replicas as of yet either. I would assume that anyone that brings one to use in game will be stuck as a "rifleman" and will have to shoot the general limit of 366 FPS with .25g BBs or 1.55 Joules like the rest of us. Not really a issue of caliber per say since it shoots a 9x39mm caliber cartridge in real steel but the thing can shoot automatic by design.

Again, I am NOT staff this year and is going by what the rules was in years past. Things may change this year and John Lu and the staff this year have the final say.
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