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2019 FAQ

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Weapons ROE:
Riflemen Semi only 1.55J with .30
Support 1.55J with .30 Must be Approved Support weapon
Snipers may apply to COS and XO of faction side for approval
SMG NO Full Auto SMG

Spread the word and let your buddies know that our planning staff has studied errors committed by past groups which resulted in choke points and etc., and modified it to better suit overall game play.

As shown on AO map, two additional zones outside of the urban zone were contracted to yield a more fluid battle. (combat town)

IRENE is SEMI-ONLY. Sniper/Spotter Team (of two persons) MUST APPLY for the position through the Chain of Command. No DMR class (just not realistic if anyone can be a sniper).

Those who desire to be a part of the Delta Element must first sign up for Task Force Ranger then apply through chain of command.

TFR will be led by legendary Ranger Hall of Fame recipient MSG(ret) "Mad Max" Mullen.

Delta Element OIC is Mr. Bryan Skaar

Somali CO is real live Delta operator retired Ranger CSM Mark Collazos (A Squadron, Delta, Somali, 1993).

Registration system was adjusted and simplified, making it easier for you to vouch. Sponsors' attending staff are also able to vouch.

Guardian Center continues to turn down Airsoft organizers, hence, you'll see smear campaign by others to discourage players from attending; shameful, but this is WHY vouching is required.

We want to show the positive side of Airsoft to the management of this amazing location.


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