Irene IS A TRIBUTE, not a mere Airsoft game!

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Irene IS A TRIBUTE, not a mere Airsoft game!

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Irene IS A TRIBUTE, not a mere Airsoft game! While it is NOT a historical reenactment, we do require that ALL PARTICIPANTS be in proper uniform and play their roles accordingly over the weekend. This is Col.(ret) McKnight's IRENE send-off. Former Delta Force/Ranger CSM(ret) Collazos (Oct. 5, 1993...Mogadishu) will lead Somali Fighters. Ranger Hall of Fame MSG(ret) Mullen will lead Delta element, a part of Task Force Ranger commanded by Col.(ret) McKnight.

Task Force Ranger: 3-color DCU (Desert Camouflage). No exception.
Delta element: 3-color DCU (Desert Camouflage), black tac vest, black tac helmet. No exception.
Somali Fighters: Adidas track suit, white shirt, plain slacks, NO PMC look! Look actual Somali fighters.

There is a potential possibility that this maybe an ALUMNI ONLY event, meaning you have to be an alumni of our past 3-day events. But we won't know till late May. Reg. opens in June, 2019.


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