Grenades at Bulldog IX

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Grenades at Bulldog IX

Post by Pope »

A word on grenades: There are a lot of new devices on the market and I want to address as many as I can:
-Tornado or other Green Gas powered, bb expelling grenades are okay. BB must hit player to kill.
-TLSFx or other pea expelling grenades are okay. Pea must hit player to kill.
-TAG hand-thrown, bb expelling grenades are okay. BB must hit player to kill.
-Thunder Bs or any other CO2 powered sound distraction devices are okay. Nothing can be put inside of them (bbs, powder, liquid, glitter). No kill radius. Sound distraction only.
-Blank-firing grenades. No kill radius. Sound distraction only.
-Nerf Rockets can be fired from an M203 or other approved launcher (see WARNORD for specifics) only at vehicles.
-Shower shells can be used from an M203. BB must hit player to kill.
-Smoke grenades are approved as long as they are pull ring, hand tossed, cold smoke. No launched smoke.
-TAG launched rounds - exploding or smoke. The distance they can travel and the fire-and-forget nature make them a no-go. We cannot get the Army to sign-off on these devices yet.
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Re: Grenades at Bulldog IX

Post by T15Blackout »

Can we get full clarification on grenade rules, in this post you specify clay bb must hit to kill

but as per the WARNORD
⦁ Grenades- 10 ft kill radius: must have a sound or effect. When thrown in a single Room all players in room are dead. 10ft radius is counted from where the grenade stopped moving.

Which is common for field rules.

In situations like the Pea grenade, which expels clay bbs the velocity is much slower then from a pistol especially with the explosive no barreled way the exit the carton material. It is much harder to feel a hit in camo through a plate carrier or helmet even just through heavy fatigues so even if the grenade explodes within inches of a player it is possible for them to be hit, yet not feel it. And often there are confusions about the rule of 10" In our field the 10ft radius works in a 20 foot standard circle and sometimes people confuse radius for diameter, thinking that the kill distance from the location of the grenade is 5 ft instead of the rule mandated 10 because they confuse radius for diameter. So have trouble understanding if the grenade exploded within 10 feet from where it landed that they are dead.

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Re: Grenades at Bulldog IX

Post by Zmonster »

His post was from 2016, rules have since changed, refer to WARNO

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