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If you are submitting for a Sniper role - please make sure you read ALL of the guidelines. Snipers are PLATOON elements. I have received 3 requests for Sniper/Spotter who want to run with their buddies in X/X Squad. Fortunately we have worked it out but 2 of the 3 withdrew their requests once this was clarified.

I DO NOT want anyone to get a different experience than they expect (except maybe better!) from Bulldog. So please - if you are interested in the Sniper role - know that you may not see anyone but your Spotter for the majority of the field time. So stare at your Spotter for about 20 minutes and if you are not sick of them by then - you will probably be okay.

Sniper submissions must be made to me at and include:
  • Description of the gun
    Most recent chrono reading
    Weight bb you will use
    Photos of the gun
    A list of your experience as an airsoft sniper
SyrRus Sniper spots are full. US has 2 teams open.
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