Bull Dog is not an "Airsoft Game"...READ...

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Bull Dog is not an "Airsoft Game"...READ...

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As in years past, OLCMSS continues to support 14th Marine's mission at Fort Hood with a donation check to the USMC Ball Fund to be presented at the end of the exercise.

You are applying for a membership to be a part of the supporting element to the 14th Marine's exercise. If paying tribute and supporting US Armed Forces is not high on your agenda, this is not for you.

Strict POV procedures will be followed as in years past. Members will check in at TA50 and pick up your POV pass. Without a POV pass your vehicle will be towed and ticketed by the Military Police. Our designated staging area is TA50 (parking, camping, Marine Corps chow services).

Based on performances in 2011, Boaz MOUT is not idea for this type of exercise so we will be reverting back to old school at EMF and HMF sites.

Our mission is to support the Marine's field kitchen field exercise. Meal plans will be posted in August.

Commanding NCOs are Sgt. Igor Dobroff and US Army Ranger Hall of Fame 2013 inductee MSG "Mad Max" Mullen.

Field Exercise NCOIC is USMC Sgt. Mike Grant of 14th Marines.

Civilian auxiliary Chief of Staff is Mr. James "Pope" Campbell

Civilian auxiliary mission control is Mr. Adam Starr

Application procedure begins Jul. 8, 2013 at 12:00noon PST.


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