Group Two - from Waiting List Feb. 1, 2018

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Group Two - from Waiting List Feb. 1, 2018

Post by Lionclaws » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:47 am

Those on the waiting are listed here in Group Two. In the event that a large size mall is secured to accommodate both group you will be included in priority signup, no more mad rush.

Abdalla Carlos
Acosta Steven
Akin Andrew
Allan Mathew
Amadeo Blake
Amadeo Joe
Araujo Alessandro
Azambuja Gustavo
Bartee Jacob
Beck Mattew Beck
borusiewicz III stanley
Boudreau  Joseph
Cann Tom
Cann Rob
Ceraso Tom
Chastain Christian
Clayton Timothy
Clouter Matt
Coote Ryan
Craft Rick
Cullere Jason
Cullere Jason
Davis Nathan
Douglas Ronald
Drew Jon
Ebneth Carlton
Edwards Turon
Eliades George
Eliades Jake
Evans Damian
Fantasia Brandon
Flacco Clifford
Gallo Michael
Gangi Mike
Gangi Pete
Gangi John
Gomes Andre
Haughton Garfield
Hutchinson Dane
Hutz Tim
Inocencio Ryan
Insalaco Dylan
Ioannidis Nickle
Ioannidis Tony
Javier Nathaniel
Kelsey Gerald
Kinsey Trevor
Kwitkowski Andrew
LaBerto Anthony
Lacey Tom
Lahneman D
Lee Ryan
Lee Ching
Lima Andre
Lowry Kyle
Lucas Paul
Lucas Justin
Mancuso Douglas
Manion Ryan
Martin Andy
Martinez Diego
Masson Rich
Matricciani John
Matricciani Andy
McConnell Matt
Mencik Robert
Miller Michael
Miller Michael
Miranad Edward
Miranad x brother?
Morera David
Morse  Nicholas
Moschella John
Muniz Carlos
Nils Aho Nils
O'Barr Brandon
Oder Ross
Palchanes Nick
Palumbiano Nate
Pineda Daniel
Quandt Michael
Reed II Bobby
Reed III Bobby
Roberts Jeremy
Robinson Peter
Rogers Jimmy
Rombo Saturnino
Sargent Andrew
Sargent Conner
Savage Shawn
Schneider Frank
Seese Levi
Shapiro Sam
Shirreffs Scott
Sider Sean
Simpson Jeff
Smith Corey
Smith Tim
Smith 2
Smith 3
Smith Steven
Souza Rafel
Steiner Logan
Tejano Goodyl
Travis Ben
Turing Matthew
Turing Justin
Valdez Jesse
Wadsworth Brian
Wang Nicolas
Weater Matthew
Weaver Wyatt
Welch Christopher
Welch Justin
Wiley James
Xenophon Chris
Yin Jazz
Young Ryan
Zamora Dino

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