Oct. 19, 2017 DEA ROSTER

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Oct. 19, 2017 DEA ROSTER

Post by Lionclaws » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:07 am

DEA will need to rely heavily on hit and run tactics, hope you men are in shape! This roster does not include those who signed up at Airsoft GI (awaiting rorster) or anyone who signed up with Evike.com on or after Oct. 10th.

DEA OIC Daugherty, Daniel

SQL Daugherty James
2 Goodgion Zachary
3 Colerick Steve
4 Jarrell Michael
5 Tsui Calvin
6 Lentz Brandon
7 Burke Kris
8 Xu Zijian
9 sou penh
10 Ng Tong
16-Oct Yang  Xinjue
16-Oct Wu  Fangcheng 

SQL Guerrero Michael
2 Spellman Eddie
3 Forbes Brooks
4 Hernandez Michael
5 Ramelb Ryan
6 Fawcette Matt
7 McClain Austin
8 Kuni Christopher
9 huang xiangyi
10 nguyen troy
11 Chan Mathew
12 Acuna Luis

SQL Valencia Vargas Jesus
15-Oct Harradine Austin
15-Oct Kapeller River
15-Oct Kennedy James
5 Eddie Sotobaez
6 Garcia Alejandro
7 hanson john
8 Schutter Ryan
9 Steinbach Ian
14-Oct Guevara Kevin
14-Oct Hommes Lucas
14-Oct Marshall Joseph
14-Oct Cox Samuel
17-Oct Rubino Michael
10/17 Radcliffebraun Victor
10/17 Young Trevor

SQL Hultstrand Benjamin
2 Mason Aric
3 Connolly Mike
4 Wearing Toby

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