NARCOS Oct. 21, 2017 General Intel

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NARCOS Oct. 21, 2017 General Intel

Post by Lionclaws » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:04 am

DEA worked diligently in pushing CARTEL out of the jungles of South America only to face a different challenge in the hills of Afghanistan where the Chinese and Russians continue to support CARTELS's "Drugs for Arms" trade.

Assisted by elite units from SOCOM and MARSOC, DEA agents, while small in numbers, will infiltrate the hills of the hostile land with the goal to destroy CARTEL's distribution centers and capture its leadership.....AGAINST ALL ODD....

Chief of Staff: Mr. Kevin Sprout
Chrono Marshall: Mr. Toby Wearing

Friday campers please arrive at 6pm or later.

Saturday am gate opens at 6:30am. WarnOrd will circulate after the AirsoftCon (Oct. 14th).

AO: Camp Jubilee, Pinon Hills, CA (Phelan/Hesperia off the 138 hwy).

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