Resolving Issues on Fed side

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Resolving Issues on Fed side

Post by Batman » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:27 am

I am posting here to request that all players on the Federation side please use your chain of command for inquiries into things like the WarnOrd, rules or the Commo.

When you use your chain of command it prevents me from having to answer 120 emails all asking the same question and often times it is stuff that your squad leader or platoon leader can answer for you.

Sidenote reference the Commo: I realize full well that not everyone is going to have radios capable of the GMRS channels that we have available to us. That said, the priority for all radio traffic is going to be the command net followed by the Platoon nets. Inter-squad, rifleman channels are a luxury item, not a priority. If you are in a squad that is adsigned a channel which you do not possess on your radio, speak to your squad and Platoon leaders and advise them of the issue in detail. If we can do something we will but chances are you may just not be on a radio for this event.
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