Feb. 4, 2020 Update

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Feb. 4, 2020 Update

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Insecure trolls have been spreading rumors in NorCal about how this game is 20% shooting and 80% LARPing because their master can never obtain AO other than woods for them to roam in...pathetic!

Scenario I requires everyone with either pump shotgun (for guards) and springer pistols for Inmates, to simulate Prison Gang War; so instead of allowing players to stab each other with home-made shanks and other plastic devices, springer pistols would do the trick in a safer matter.

In scenario I 90 inmates are divided into 3 gangs and must battle each other for controls of the PODs.

TAT (Tactical Assault Team) will combat Inmates in attempt to resort order.

Sicarios (Cartel Assassins) will infiltrate the prison in search of the Drug Lord whom they must assassinate.

All that action are in SCENARIO I.

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