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Thank you for attending Op Mjolnir

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:11 pm
by Lionclaws

Thank you everyone for coming out in support of Operation Mjolnir. Here're pics from the event, and we'll release short video clips via Instagram @oplionclaws periodically. We hope you had a blast and please take a minute to like companies who help make this event possible :) G&G Armament Tippmann Tactical Airsoft Valken Airsoft Amped Airsoft Highpowerairsoft OTP Warfare SPECIAL THANK YOU to OICs Willie Rhodes and Richard John Tochterman who took on the thankless position as a player. Your leadership mattered and it showed. Thank you guys! See you at the next round at Zulu24 for Op Fallen Angels over May 4/5, 2019! Zulu24 - Airsoft & Mil-Sim Tactical Park