Sicarilo Roster as of Dec. 6, 2018

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Sicarilo Roster as of Dec. 6, 2018

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If you registered/paid but you don't see your name here please contact ASAP. Sponsors' crew are not yet listed.

Your OIC is Mr. Ryan Redlin. Chief of Staff is Mr. Kevin Sprout. Please direct all rules and logistics questions to Mr. Sprout at:

Abdon Jadon
Abdon Jude
Abedoy Andres
Aguirre Christopher
Aguirre Steven
Aguirre Matthew
Aranas Ariesson
Aranas Aries
Araujo Julian
Blair Troy
Booth Geoffrey
Butler Chase
Byerly Casey
Choi Jose
Clark Kelly
Curnel Eric
Curnel Zachary
Diamond Kaylee
Duenas Jesus
eslinger johnpaul
Espacio Gil
Forbes Brooks
french dakota
Gallagher Kevin
Gilbert Jaden
gilbert larry
Glasshoff Dakota
Guerrero Michael
Johnson jake
Jones Kevin
Jubert Brandon
Keslow Jordan
Knight Brian
Koo Joseph
LeCheminant Toby
Lindberg Michael
Lucia Gary
Luu Bryan
Manueli Mark
Mcconnell Samuel
New Ray
Nguyen Tien
Nuguid Joseph
OMalley Michael
Pennington Dana
Perez Atreyu
Perez Luis
Petkoff Joseph
Popera Jose Arturo
Ramelb Ryan
Ramsey Branden
Ramsey Jordan
Raykhenberg Mark
Redlin Ryan
Rivera Morgan
Schmidt Ian
Tarnoff Ryan
tran Jason
Tran Kevin
Villaflor Cleven gray
Viramontes Juan
Viray Totong
Warner Joshua
Yang Temin
Yasuda Nicholas
Zivelonghi John

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