Red Scorpion Army Roster, Dec. 6, 2017

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Red Scorpion Army Roster, Dec. 6, 2017

Post by Lionclaws » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:32 am

Still awaiting on rosters from retail stores. If you signed up through stores and don't see your name(s) please e mail to ASAP.

Red Scorpion Leadership position will be worked out via direction communication through CO (e mail)
CO Minney Joe

1 Gracia Jesse
2 Moore Reggie
3 Hosokawa Jun
4 russell jonathon
5 Valkoun Anthony
6 Pennington Dana
7 Loving Nathaniel
8 de Bie David
9 Lopez Pablo Paulino Gonzalo Paulino Gonzalo Reno Vaughn Reno Vaughn Helm Campbell nielson jacob

1 Carrillo Luis
2 Morosi John
3 New Ray
5 Tarnoff Ryan
6 Perez Fernando
7 Garcia Christopher
8 Knowles Brian
9 OMalley Michael

SQL Klutts-Crabtree Michael
2 Acosta Bryan
3 Osburn Timothy
4 Loving Chris
5 Luty Layne
6 Garduno Andi Chenault Chris Wu Johnny Wu Johnny Gates Nathan Zhgamadze Maxim Laurin Matthew Cui Mike Cole Kenneth

SQL Wearing Toby
2 Sprout Kevin
3 Sprout Dylan
4 Revoir Mark
5 Clayton Ray
6 Shartzer William
7 Naranjo Brian
8 Lange Jim
8 Luty Christopher
9 Smalley Chuck

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