NAROCOS-EAST Sept 22~24, 2017

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NAROCOS-EAST Sept 22~24, 2017

Post by Lionclaws » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:53 pm

Deep inside the jungle lives a legend...some said he is a Green Beret "gone native", others said he is a mad man. This "Lord of the Jungle" controls drug and weapons trade in the region. A CIA "Hearts and Minds" project gone awry, the agency has recruited CIA operatives along with SOCOM and MARSOC to clean up this mess....but is it too late?

CIA/SOCOM/MARSOC will fight against CARTEL, their Russian/Chinese backers in order to get to the "Mad Man".

FRI. Check in, chrono, NIGHT OP
SAT. Full day Op + Night Op
SUN. Morning op endex at Noon.

Register and paid by Aug. 15 and get the entire weekend for $80!
$110 per person after Aug. 15
$150 for Parent&Child pair, that's right, LEAVE NO PARENT BEHIND!

CIA: PMC loadout with VEST and MUST HAVE LARGE CIA letters tape (better than painted) to the back of the vest for CLEAR IDENTIFICATION
SOCOM: Multicam
MARSOC: Desert Marpat

CARTEL: Rag Tag civilian militia look (look POOR)
RUSSIAN: Russian uniform or US/Canadian woodland uniform
CHINESE: Chinese (modern day) uniform or US/Canadian woodland uniform

Reg link:

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Re: NAROCOS-EAST Sept 22~24, 2017

Post by Grimfuze » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:44 am

What does a PMC load out mean? Just like jeans and a polo or something? Please elaborate

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