Sept. 10, 2018 CARTEL Roster FINAL

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Sept. 10, 2018 CARTEL Roster FINAL

Post by Lionclaws » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:42 am

CARTEL ROSTER: Check YOUR SPAM BOX for WarnOrd if you didn't get a copy. All else failed, contact your OIC right away.

OIC: Jesse Gracia of Gorilla Airsoft Radio

Chief of Staff: Mr. Kevin Sprout

If you registered but don't see your name here please e mail to ASAP

Abdon jhermayne zaff
Abdon Jude
Agbayani Alfred
Aldape Jake
Aranas Aries
Ayala Cyril
Ballreich Robert
Banuelos Jose
Bollinger Cody
Carrillo Luis
Ceron Mario
Cervantes Alfredo
Coleman Phillip
Counrtney Brent
Cowan Taylor
Cowan Bruce
Diamond Kaylee
Esmilla Don Lawrence
Espinoza Joseph
Espiritu Eric
Fisher Jack
Flores Francisco
Garcia Dennis
Garcia Norman
Gracia Jesse
Gaviola Donald
Hayes Scott
Helm Campbell
Hernandez flores Valery
Higareda Victor
Hodgins George Hodgins
Hosokawa Jun
Lin Andie
Lindberg Michael
Lopez Juaquin
Lopez Pablo
Madarang Larry
Maninang Jerome
Martin Dominador
McKinley Ryan
Morosi John
Murcia Marcelo
New Ray
Nguyen Tien
Ocfemia Emmanuel
OMalley Michael
Paquingan Noel
Perez Luis
Punsalan Alan
Rappa Michael
Raykhenberg Mark
Redlin Ryan
Ricablanca Michael
Riley Neil
Saguiguit Robert
Shahan James
Siao Richard
Silo Sergio
Smith Matthew
Solis Rodger
Soria Tiffany
Soria Luis
Sosa John
Thai Justin
Thomas Anucha
Townsend Frederick
Williams Dalton
Yasuda Nicholas
zagala nick
Zendejas Eric
Zendejas Anthony
Zhgamadze Maxim

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