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Logistics update

Post by Lionclaws » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:04 am

Logistics map was posted via FB Events page under Operation Devil Dog at K2. To recap:

A. All attendees MUST have a government issued ID, I.E., Driver's License, Social Security Card, Green Card, Passport, Military ID and etc. (just one of any of the above would do).

B. No minors per Range Regulation. No spectators.

C. All BBs MUST BE Grey or Tan BIO BBs please (we provide CHRONO bbs on site, and as far as YOUR shooting bbs, as long as they are Grey or Tan BIOs BRAND doesn't matter).

D. No RVs per Range Regulation. All other POVs, passenger type (non-four-wheel-drive) vehicles are OK for K2 parking and camping area.

E. Friday Night Op is optional, op schedules will be in your WarnOrd circulating via e mail by the end of January.

F. If you wish to stay OFF SITE there are ample motels in Oceanside about 15~20 minutes (going slow speed limit on post).

G. While food preparation on site is allowed, please MAKE SURE it's closed grill. Burger King is about five minutes from K2 while Cocos and others restaurants on post are about 10 minutes or so from K2

H. Airsoft GI and Evike.com will have staff there to setup, if you need supplies, pre-order from either store and ask if they could bring it for you. Assume nothing, always double check.

I. If you are camping, please kindly remember to bring trash bags; it's a training site, you pack out what you pack in. Thank you.

J. No drones due to our close vicinity to the Air Field (we can see it from K2). GoPro cam, helmet and gun cams are permitted.

K. Uniforms...PLEASE kindly MAKE SURE you observe Uniform regulation:

SOCOM.....Desert Digital/Marpat or Multicam

RED SCORPION ARMY.....Russian camo/PLA camo/Haji wear/Rag Tag Civilian 'freedom fighter' look (not professional PMC look)
@if you are rocking PLA or Russian camo, please kindly stay AWAY from pattern resembling Tan digital/Multicam

L. Please direct all OP related questions to Chief of Staff Mr. Joe Hulog at jhulog@olcmss.com or via FB (this crew consists of mainly current and former Marines)

M. Please direct all REGISTRATION related questions to admin@olcmss.com

Thank you for supporting the USMC Ball Fund!


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