Red Scorpion Unit Roster. Feb. 15, 2017

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Red Scorpion Unit Roster. Feb. 15, 2017

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Red Scorpion consists of Russians/PLA/Merc/Haji

If you registered/paid but your name is NOT ON THE ROSTER please e mail ASAP. LOCK DOWN

Your OIC may have adjusted squad alignment internally, please go with that adjustment, this is to verify YOUR NAME on the roster.

OIC Redlin Ryan

1 Zazueta Maria
2 Valerio Rossell
3 Godoy Victor
EVIKE Moreno Matt
EVIKE Manese Jeffrey
6 Browning Michael
7 Shenfield Brandon
8 Cheung Robert
9 Kinard Evan
10 Monroe Jay
11 Kinard Collin

SQL Taylor DJ
2 Yang Temin
3 Pascale Bruno
4 Pascale Jared
5 Cardenas Kyle
6 Gray Sterling
7 Dabbah Vincent
8 Raykhenberg Mark
9 Rapozo Josh
10 Johnson Lucas
EVIKE bcammer lucas
EVIKE Banuelos Luis

1 Biergross Dillon
2 Turner Zachary
3 Wright Jamie
4 Field Brian
5 Law Jamahal
6 Granaroli Mark
7 Cue Bryan
8 Zivelonghi Johnny
9 Le Cheminant Toby
EVIKE Stone Kyle
11 Gibson Joshua
12 Moon Parker
13 Williams Colin
14 Moon Dane
15 Soto Michelle Denise
16 Tennant Ian Colin

SQL Wojcik Michael
2 Ramseyer Steven
3 Steele Garrett
4 Paddock Martin
EVIKE Calder brandon
EVIKE Zerezghi Syoum Hadera
EVIKE Liu Kehan
EVIKE Wei Xiaoran
EVIKE ruelas alberto
EVIKE ruelas fernando
EVIKE ruelas jose
EVIKE Juan Oscar
EVIKE Heredia Tanner
EVIKE Rueals Carlos

PTL Radl Aaron (Rad)

1 Davis Chuck
2 Audette Keith
3 Cotromanes Zander
4 Collier Jayson
5 Redd Justice
6 Camacho Antonio
7 Camacho Jose
8 Knudsen Arvind
9 Diffley Matt (Ajax)
10 Adams Robert
11 Mekelburg Troy
12 Mekelburg Cory
13 VanDalsem Joseph
14 Mcfadden Felicia
15 Tingey Trevin

SQL hoke chris
2 Feeny Bill
3 Xiong Peter
4 Wescott Jerold Arthur Matthew
5 McBride Dade
6 Look Michael
7 Maxwell Michael
USMC Emick Byron
USMC Hoover Andrew
USMC Overly Ryan
USMC Khernov Igor
USMC Nation Josh
ICS Nelson Ryan ................ ICS Captain
ICS Garnica Bobby

SQL Mendoza Aaron
2 martin jacob
3 Young Jake
4 Fournier Damien
5 Madsen Garrett
6 Smith Edward
7 Perrin Alex
8 Sturgis Kirk
9 Goodall Kyler
10 Delatorre Antonio
11 Villacres James
12 Cardin Spencer
13 Gorey Timothy
14 Petersen Travis
15 Derricott Rich
16 Sorenson Trenton
17 Martinez Sheran
18 Heywood Brandon

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Re: Prelim roster as of Jan. 4, 2017

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Im listed on the wrong faction, I registered for socom...

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Re: Red Scorpion Unit Roster. Feb. 1, 2017

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*Attention ALL*

For those that missed it the Devil Dog 2017 at K2 WARNORD has been released and posted.


For those that are attending please check your emails and READ the ENTIRE WARNORD including the rules.
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