Thank you to SOCOM and Horde Players

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Thank you to SOCOM and Horde Players

Post by spaz102 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:53 pm

Good Evening SOCOM and Horde players,

Thank you for a great weekend, attached is a thank you letter because I was unable to thank each one of you in person.

For my XO Mike Crabtree, 
Thank you for all the hard work and staying on the field to help get the job done, I couldn't have done it without you! 

To all my SOCOM troopers your hard work and effort is our new standard and thank you for setting a high one!

To the Horde,

Thank you for bringing the fight to SOCOM and being an outstanding opponent who challenged us at every turn and stayed in the fight until the very end. Continue to be the outstanding warriors you are and SOCOM is looking forward to our next fight!

Chief Daugherty

Attached Letter:

Good Evening SOCOM,
I am sending this letter to each one of you to say thank you for the outstanding effort that each one of you displayed during Operation Devil Dog 2017. By your actions we defeated Horde forces with overwhelming force and violence of action that have not been achieved by SOCOM forces in a long time.
As your OIC I couldn’t be prouder to lead a group of warfighters that wanted to win and each of you showed it on and off the field. I would be honored to lead you all again if given the chance.
In closing I leave each of you this.
10 seconds is the difference between Victory and Defeat.
SOCOM attacks all day so the other side can’t rest and regroup this is how we will achieve Victory where others can’t.

Thank you again for your efforts thought out the weekend.
Very Respectfully,
Chief Lee Daugherty SOCOM OIC for Operation Devil Dog 2017.

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