MCB Camp Pendleton Base Access/Entry Policy *Please Read*

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MCB Camp Pendleton Base Access/Entry Policy *Please Read*

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Access or Entry Policy at Camp Pendleton has changed since last year (2015) so please refresh yourself with the new "Visitors" Policy that actually went in to effect earlier this year (2016). ... se-Access/

New policy does NOT affect those that are current or former military with valid military service ID, immediate family of current service members that live on base, and civilian US government employees or people that regularly works on base.

It effects bicyclists that transit through base as well since you have to register with the base before hand to enter and ride through the bike route on base if you are non-military.

What it boils down to is that if you have no business nor a reason to be on base then you shouldn't be on base. The MPs at the entry gates to base will turn anyone away if you don't have the proper pass or if your name "isn't on the list" for entry.

Just letting everyone know and this is for general information only since I am sure John Lu has (behind the scene) taken care of all the necessary "paperwork" for all the paid attendees, sponsors, staff, and VIPs to get entry aboard Camp Pendelton that's going to be at Operation Devil Dog.
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