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General Regen Rules

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(included in WARNORD - subject to change)

3.8.1. Each Team will be authorized to designate ONE (1) player per every eight players, as a combat medic.
3.8.2. Players designated as a combat medic are subject to all the same rules as any other player
3.8.3. Combat Medics MAY NOT heal themselves, nor are regular infantry allowed to ‘heal’ medics.
3.8.4. When a player (or medic) is hit they will be required to take a knee (or sit) for 5 mins. During this time players may ‘choose’ to call for a medic aloud. PLAYERS CAN NOT call for a medic over the radio, although team mates may call a medic in any way feasible. This is the ONLY communication that a ‘hit’ player is authorized to use during this time.
a. Once a combat medic has safely reached a ‘hit’ player, the combat medic must ‘access’ the injury. This is performed by the medic locating the hit players “Injury Card” and confirming the information provided. The injury card will be considered the ‘medical card’ that signifies a players ‘allergies’ or other important information. This is for ROLE PLAYING PURPOSES, so please do not skip this step. This will also add to the ‘realism’ of the combat medic role.
b. After the medic has determined the ‘severity’ of the injury, he/she will begin to administer medical treatment. Medical treatment (healing) will be by way of the medic applying a zip tie visibly to the players gear between the shoulders and the torso.
c. Once the medic has completed affixing the zip tie to the players gear, then the player is considered ‘healed’ and may return to the battle from that point.
d. If a medic is ‘unable’ to completely affix the zip tie to a players gear, or if the zip ties breaks, fails, gets lost or falls off during application, then the ‘healing’ process is NOT COMPLETE. In other words, the zip tie application MUST BE COMPLETED to be considered a successful heal.
e. Medics will be issued a specific amount of medical supplies. If a medic runs out of medical supplies (zip ties), then the medic will NOT BE ABLE TO HEAL any ‘hit’ players until he/she has acquired a resupply.
a. Prior to the start of each evolution combat medics will be issued, by GC, a specific amount of zip ties
b. These medical supplies are the ONLY AUTHORIZED SOURCE of ‘in battle regen’ of a player
c. Zip ties are only able to be applied by a designated medic. Any player not designated a medic found to be applying any medical supplies, will be immediately called ‘hit’ and will be required to return to a regen point.
d. In the event a combat medic runs out of medical supplies, that medic will no longer be able to heal players in battle.
e. If a combat medic is ‘hit’ him/herself, then the medic is no longer viable to heal other players and are bound by the same ‘hit’ rules as other players. Ie. A medic CAN NOT heal him/herself – see rule 3.8.2. & 3.8.3.
f. Medics will be required to request a medical re-supply through their team communications network.
g. Additional medical supplies will be issued by game control personnel. Team members will be required to locate a GC member and request a re-supply.
h. GC members will have LIMITED medical supplies to issue. If a particular GC member no longer has medical supplies, they will advise you of another GC member that has supplies. This is part of the ‘ROLE PLAYING’ aspect of medical re-supply.
i. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of medical re-supplies a team may obtain, other than finding a GC member that has some.
j. There is NO PENALTY for requesting medical re-supplies.
k. Individual GC members will only issue ONE medical re-supply per team per hour. *subject to change based on staffing*
The addition of combat medics to Operation Devil Dog is to add an additional element of realism to the game. By abiding by the set forth medic rules and medical re-supply, it will ensure that players are enabled as much game time available. In addition to the successful adherence to the medic rules, you will enable the ability to implement medic rules into future OLCMSS events. Game Control staff appreciate you playing with honor and following the medic rules as described. Please play the role as enjoyable and entertaining as possible

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