Registration and Barracks

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Registration and Barracks

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Alumni may e mail to for Alumni pre-reg. (individual or squad, doesn't matter).

Use Individual link if your men are paying individually.

Use Squad link if you are making one lump sum payment for the team.

Either way, system will GROUP your men by TEAM NAME (your team name). So, if you wish to be TOGETHER, same squad or same platoon, please kindly put down the SAME TEAM NAME so the system can group you together.

General registration opens on the 23rd.

AFTER you are Registered/Paid, you may request to be placed on Barracks List via e mail to

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Re: Registration and Barracks

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Quick question.

I'm considering bringing my younger brother and possibly staying in the barracks. Are the showers open area or stalls? Don't wanna traumatize the poor kid!! Haha!
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Re: Registration and Barracks

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Shower is an open room with ~6 shower heads on the wall. No stalls.

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Re: Registration and Barracks

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What's the word on barracks for 2016? Pre-reg via email again?
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