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Post by Batman » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:08 pm

Well, a few hours in the car and a good night of sleep have passed since the event and all I can say is wow...

Friday when we arrived I looked at this AO and thought "Bigger, but pretty much the same lay out as Northridge" before we started walking. As we did we saw multiple entry / exit points in almost every store and more, though shorter running, tunnels. This would NOT play out the same!

Scenario one we started from the north side of the mall, pushing south. Early on there was a fairly defined front line right at the middle of the mall but fluctuation started shortly after. They took some, we took some and then they got a foothold in the theater complex via a breached wall just into our side on the second level. Once they did, there was some close and darkened shootouts in the projector rooms.

The next scenario we started from the south. OpFor was to our right the second we hit the center of the mall and they drew all our attention that way. I asked a SL on the first floor if we had flank security to our left and he said we did... Nope. Green worked the tunnels, opposite the OpFor and managed to push to our 25 yard line. We pushed back and had some success getting them back to mid-mall while sending guys down the left-upper side to their 30-40 yard line, almost breaching the theater before EndEx.

The Sunday scenario started and ended with pushes by our 2nd Platoon to their 25 yardline on the upper-right side. Both times I somehow wound up with them on each push, shooting WAY more then I should have had the chance to.

At this event I saw some AWESOME sportsmanship with "dead" players walking over to the guys that shot them for a hand shake and a "good job" on a constant basis. On the couple occasions I did hear frustration crack through, people were quick to make amends and apologize for the most part. THAT was what made the weekend for me... Breaching walls and smashing glass was cool but the players we ran with and against were even better.

Thank you all who attended, staffed or helped organize. It was a blast.
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