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Camp Wolverine Syllabus

Post by Lionclaws » Wed Feb 18, 2015 7:43 pm

Here's what your instructors will work with you on.........each camp may vary slightly. See your regional Camp Director for details. Minors 14+ and adults who wish to learn. Certified/Graduate minors (ages 14+) may apply to attend OLCMSS 3-day events without vouching (unless where prohibited by law).

CAMP Wolverine Syllabus

The main objective of the camp is to prep the younger players to get ready for a Bigger OP, that need to remain the focus. This a 5 Cycle we can add another cycle add to one if a local field has something cool they want to add to the mix. As you can see this will take a min of 5 teachers one for each station. Plus check in person

Stations C&D (see below) can be combined as short medic briefing and the comms briefing while important it may only each take 15 min

Each field owner may add their own classes, i.e., if field owner has staff/LC alumni affiliates really good at squad movement then a class on that would be great

0700 – Gates Open
0730 – Registration Begins
0830 – Briefing
0900 – Training Cycles Begin
0900 – 0930 – Session 1
0940 – 1010 – Session 2
1020 – 1050 – Session 3
1100 – 1130 – Session 4
1140 – 1210 – Session 5
1215 – Lunch
1330 – Briefing
1400 – Operations Begin
1400 – 1530 Scenario I (at LC Alumni Instructor’s discretion)
1600 – 1800 Scenario II (at LC Alumni Instructor’s discretion)
1800 – Endex
1830 – Final Assembly

Training Cycles:
Station A: MILSIM 101:
· Uniform Standards
· Chain of Command
· Being on Time/ Briefings
· Right Role for the Right Shooter (Rifleman/SAW/HWS/Medic/SL)
· Equipment
· Radios
· MidCaps
· Hydration
· Reload Bags
· Proper loadout (not too much, not too little)

Station B: Squad Movement/Battle Drill #1
· Action on Enemy Contact
· Locating Enemy
· Suppressing Enemy
· Attacking
· Over watch
· Coverfire
· Room Breaching
Station C: Squad Medics/Medic Rules
· THE most important person on the field
· Protecting the Medic
· Proper deployment of Medic
Station D: Communications
· Hand Signals
· Radio Discipline
· Communicating Clearly
o Partner up – one is given an object in the field of view and has to guide their partner to the same object without saying EXACTLY what it is. Erik Galloway’s exercise.
Station E: Large OP Prep
· What should you pack/bring
· Planning for an OP and making it a great time
· Airsoft vs Milsim
· MED and Local rules vs Nat OP rules

Set the stations up at various points on the field – the further the better but no more than a 10 minute walk. Assemble them at Briefing into squads of 10 (10 squads). Give them a schedule and a map – they have to find their next station and stay with the correct squad.
Rotation could look like this:
Squad 1: Begin at Station A, then B, C, D, E
Squad 2: Begin at Station B, then C, D, E, A
Squad 3: Begin at Station C, then D, E, A, B
Squad 4: Begin at Station D, then E, A, B, C
Squad 5: Begin at Station E, then A, B, C, D
Squad 6: Begin at Station E, then D, C, B, A
Squad 7: Begin at Station D, then C, B, A, E
Squad 8: Begin at Station C, then B, A, E, D
Squad 9: Begin at Station B, then A, E, D, C
Squad 10: Begin at Station A, then E, D, C, B

This builds squad cohesion and mixes up their exposure to different shooters. This puts 20 people at each station for each session.

This also means we have someone do a check in at each station easy way to fail is miss a station or not knowing rules.

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