2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

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2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

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To work along side matured/disciplined minors ages 14~17 (and adult players who are NEW to Airsoft), we've setup Camp Wolverine nation wide via OLCMSS alumni or alumni affiliated fields.

This is a one-day program that is designed to familiarize minors/new players with OLCMSS core rule sets, basic safety guidelines, discipline, among many other aspects of military simulation that one could apply to all future events.

While minors ages 14~17 (and adults who are new to Airsoft) may apply, NOT ALL will graduate. All candidates will be tested on OLCMSS core rule set among other aspects of the day's work. Those who PASS will receive a Challenge Coin and Patch as proof of graduation. Those who fail may reapply to attend 2nd chance tryout at a discounted rate (by the field).

Participating fields will be listed here for your convenience. Tentatively speaking Camp Wolverine will take place in CA, CO, GA, IL, IN, MN, SC, TX, and MA.

Candidates will apply directly through participating fields (if it's not shown here, it's not OLCMSS camp) and pay them directly.

Good luck!


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Re: 2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

Post by HigherPurpose »

Will there be a Camp anywhere near VA or MD anytime soon?

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Re: 2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

Post by MattWantsAirsft »

When you say that some will not graduate, what kind of things will cause them to not pass? Health conditions? Aggressiveness? Not following rules, goofing off, or not being a team player? I am really interested in doing Milsim scenarios. Also, when and where will there be any camps in Texas? Preferably near Dallas areas.

Thanks for the input and I think that this camp is a GREAT idea! :D 8)
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Re: 2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

Post by shadowviper »

Things that people will fail on is showing up late, not in proper uniform not having sealed eye pro. So don't be that person that does not read the rules.
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Re: 2015 Camp Wolverine Intel

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None anywhere near Tennessee. Why don't you guys ever do something in TN or KY? Or at least lower your standards for some of the events.

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