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Shahrazad 2?

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:10 pm
by DRK
1st Plt
Lt - Miles David
PltSgt - Metcalf Coker

Sgt - Miles John
Miles Conor
Voesisch Chris
Vochon Josh
Murray Alex
Linn Seth
Arriba junifer
Jones Jimmy
Chanko Kyle
Young Gerald
Young Zachary
Young Nathanael

Sgt Norman Carl
Obrien mike
Cotton Tracy
Melton Mark
Jones David "little pimp"
Cooper Grayson
Washington Solomon
Meakin Jonathan
Belvin Wesley
Casares Jordan
Casares Nicholas

Sgt flower joe
Hill brad
Valentine Mike
Browning Pearce
Wagner Jonathan
Wagner branden
Solis Joey
Martin Ryan
Harris Michael
Catlett Seth
Ogle justin
Lawson Jarod
Ogle Ross

Sgt walker John
West James
Actin Phillip
Taylor chad
Loughmiller Alex
Donato Michael
Krause Rick
Riley Neil
Hatch Christopher
Ives Matthew

Sgt white Geno
Shader James
Nabholz Stephen
Martin Matthew
Norton Benjamin
Escue Joey
Escue David
Surig Jenna
Nirk Shelby
Matthews Andrew

The rest can go to second platoon and make up that platoon. Thanks brother for all your help.