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Thank you and Pic link

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:58 pm
by Lionclaws

Thank you so much for another amazing weekend. It was wonderful to see how calm my Chief of Staff, Greg Brothers, was and how he marveled at the high level of sportsmanship and fighting spirit at Shahrazad this past weekend!

We're deeply appreciative to our sponsors, AEX, Airsoft GI,, G&G, eHobbyAsia, and Citadel Airsoft for their financial support to make this project a reality. Our LionclawsTV crew was out there capturing footages and hopefully we'll be able to see some cool trailers via LionclawsTV on YouTube in a week or so.

Thank you again for spending your weekend with us and we hope to see you at the next round!

To MSG Mullen and SFC Moore, your leadership made this event unique; without you, it'd be a fun game at a cool place, but with you, it was an amazing experience all the way around. Thank you both for your service and your leadership in Airsoft. MSG Mullen....congratulations on the Ranger Hall of Fame honor well deserved!!

To my wonderful staff under the leadership of Mr. Greg Brothers and Mr. Andrew Miller, without you and our devoted friends from TF216 and Horseman this event couldn't have taken off. Your friendship and your devotion to Airsoft make you all true backbones of the community. Thank you!!

Here are some pics I took from the weekend and I'm sure there'll be more from others! ... 526&type=1