Hydration and Safety

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Hydration and Safety

Post by Toadvine »

It bears repeating - HYDRATE before the game.

Weather forecasts for the weekend of the op predict it'll be in the high 90's.

You'll be playing with lots of gear, running around. You WILL get hot.

The risks of heat injury are real. Watch out for yourself, and watch out for your team-mates.

The admin staff will be on the lookout for heat injury in players, but we need everyone on the field to be aware of this.

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Re: Hydration and Safety

Post by Pope »

Spot on Toadvine!

UT Baseball Coach Augie Garrido told me a great story. It takes 1/8 of a second for a baseball to leave the pitcher's hand and cross home plate. Baseball is a team sport but in that 1/8 of a second - the entire team's success rests on the shoulders of that one player at bat. Coach Augie concentrates on teaching his players to lead in that moment.

Airsoft is about honor, teamwork and leadership. Not being in charge - but being a leader. Look out for your teammates. If you see someone struggling due to the heat or over-doing it - be the leader in that moment and step up and help. You will both return to the fight soon enough.
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Re: Hydration and Safety

Post by Dark Paladin »

Just wanted to remind everyone to hydrate themselves if you haven't started already. Weather is confirmed to be in the high 90s with mild breezes. You do not want to be down with heat stroke and miss out on all the fun to be had at this site.
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Re: Hydration and Safety

Post by hooker »

I've been drinkin about 5 liters a day. I cut my finger yesterday and bled water..

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