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Comms at Bulldog

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Your comm assignments will be in the FORCE INTEL PACK distributing this week. Every shooter should have a radio. EVERYONE. It is vital for you to stay connected to your squad.

That being said - comm discipline is a must. Keep your traffic short, direct and clear. Do not try to communicate vital information while you are on the run or in a firefight. Say who you are and who you are communicating to. Make sure your PTT is clear of all obstructions - no one enjoys Hot Mike. Except his wife. Ba dum bum.

Platoon and Squad Leaders will need 2 radios (or a radio that can monitor 2 channels). You will need to communicate up to the next level of command and down to your troops.

Squad Members need to stay on your squad channel ONLY. Do not communicate outside your chain of command unless instructed directly by your immediate leader.

I realize the use of comms at the squad level is often debated. They are vital for you to stay with your squad and return to them after a trip to respawn. The fun of an OLC event is the teamwork - you have to stay with your squad. If you are separated - get on your radio, find their location, and return to them asap.
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Re: Comms at Bulldog

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On this previous OPs there has been a lot of confusion in how to properly send a radio message, leading to garbled messages and bad deployment orders.

Here is the FAA official radio transmission format:
ME: <desired recipient identifier>, <transmitter's identifier>. <type of message> (then WAIT for acknowledgement).
YOU: <initial transmitter's identifier>, <recipient's identifier>. <acknowledgement>.
ME: <desired recipient's identifier>, <message>
For example, if I'm "Hawk 6" and I'm radioing my commander "Hawk 1" with an update on our situation, the message would go like this:
ME: "Hawk 1, Hawk 6, sitrep."
HER: "Hawk 6, Hawk 1, go ahead."
ME: "Hawk 1, we have a small squad ahead of us blah blah blah."
It's pretty easy to remember and will make sure that both teams communicate effectively and have a great game!

SOURCE: Former USAF ATC operator, direct reference FAA JO 7110.65 2-1-17
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