Five weeks to RSE 2019 in Elkin, NC

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Five weeks to RSE 2019 in Elkin, NC

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Hey All, John Bond has had to bow out so I have been given command of Russian Forces for this OP. Who all is coming? Leaders sound off!

I and my command team have been doing some research. This AO is MAMMOTH! Area-wise it's over a square kilometer. Were really going to need you guys to be mobile! Be prepared for long patrols. Most of the buildings are 3 to 4 stories and some are 100 meters long. I'm told that every floor is unique in its layout! Going to be one hell of a bug-hunt!

Get your gear in order! Get replacements for the broken stuff. You have time now. I'll have radio assignments and other info available to leaders about a week or so out. This one is going to be EPIC! Questions? Let me know...
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