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Jan 31, 2018 project postponement update

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:10 am
by Lionclaws
Jan. 31, 2018

The Burlington Mall project as now is postponed indefinitely until the property management satisfies prior code violations that were unbeknown to us. The township, following protocol, sent the following reminder to the property management requiring them to satisfy the followings:

*All electrical repairs must be completed
*Heat must be on (even though the event is being held in April the heat must be operational in case of cold weather)
*Sprinkler system must be repaired
*Alarm system must be functioning
*All hazards throughout the mall and inside the stores must be cleaned out
*Elevators must be closed off
*If the power is going to be shut off during this event all exit signs and fire signs must properly illuminate
*Since this location is near a residential neighborhood will there be an issue with noise
*An Event Permit and Fire Permit must be purchased.

Items listed above are all standard reminders except for a couple key line items that which the 1980s mall had not yet brought to code. Unless the mall was slat for demolition it has to satisfy 2018 codes. The developer will continue their conversation with the township since their largest tenant, SEARS (a corner store), will remain in business till the end of March. Once SEARS moves out, the developer will then finalize their redevelopment plan and address the code issue.

The property management was eager to have us for back to back weekends in April and we have been in contact with township PD regarding hiring off duty officers to be on site with us (SOP for this type of projects). The developer has vast a interest in continuing their relationship with the township, and both parties will continue their conversation on redevelopment; but until then, the project is on hold. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ll refund everyone in full rather than holding on to your funds.

All those who registered will have priority once the mall is resurrected, let it be Burlington or other properties in the region. If it’s a larger facility, those on waiting list will also be accommodated. We are actively working on an alternative location for the same weekend and will advise once they are confirmed.