Clarification on Grenades

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Clarification on Grenades

Post by HeadUp » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:16 am

Quick question about grenades to clarify for everyone who sees this - it says the following in the WARNO:
Each player is allowed to carry up to 2 grenades at any time.
Are grenades that have different real-world functions (specifically lethal vs. non-lethal) still considered a "grenade"? Meaning it doesn't matter if it's a Thunder B or a BB firing grenade or a claymore or a mine, you may only carry two of the above into the field? Or can you carry up to 2 of each type, eg. 2x thunder B non-lethal, 2x frag, 2x mine? Also, does that mean you could stow additional grenades somewhere they wouldn't be immediately accessible by the carrier, such as in a backpack or bandolier into the AO, that extra nades beyond that limit must remain in the respawn point?
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