Clarification on Heavy Class ROE

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Clarification on Heavy Class ROE

Post by HeadUp » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:05 am

Going thru the WARNO with a fine-tooth comb, glad to see details up-front for discerning friend from foe. Better brush up on that arithmetic guys.

I had one question about HWS role and what is considered appropriate for "direct fire" with a beehive/propellant grenade, as fired from an m203 or an m79, for example.

In the WARNO it says this about HWS role:
Minimum Engagement Distance: 30 feet NO direct fire at human targets
Which is self-explanatory: no point-blank shots, no shots up to 10m/30ft. Common sense. But then a little later in the same section it says this:
Propellant grenades must hit a player (directly or indirectly) with a BB for a kill.
So can we confirm that direct fire with a beehive/propellant grenade shot is indeed permitted, so long as there's a minimum of 10m/30ft from your target?

An example would be if you stumble across a large group of OPFOR inside the AO with their backs turned (this happened w/ my FT at Op X but we didn't field heavy weapons), as long as you have the minimum distance and there aren't any clear hazards that would ensue from the shot, you're clear to fire and everyone you hit (directly, or via ricochet) is out?

Thanks for clarifying, I've had this noob tube for nearly a year and never put her to use.
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