Banners Confiscated & Teams Banned

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Banners Confiscated & Teams Banned

Post by Lionclaws » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:25 pm

Thanks to some low-life retailers/distributors, OLCMSS is now forced to confiscate all Team Banners that boost the name(s) of a non-sponsoring company. Teams who violate this policy will be placed on a new Airsoft Hall of Shame to warn other event organizers, and ban them from all future LC events. We don't need people who would sell out his/her pride to low-life scums.

THIS IS NOT A NEW POLICY. If you are not a low-life scum, this won't bother you. I'm SICK & TIRED of opportunists who simply will not step up to the plate, but always hide behind skirts of poor players by giving them free bbs, green gas, etc., and then ask them to take a picture with that cheap banner so they can LIE to their customers about how they "sponsor" some big events.

Lack of PRIDE as human beings is WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY TODAY!! Would you sell out your pride to accommodate the needs of opportunistic scums who will not support the community? WHY WOULD YOU?

Again, this is NOT A NEW POLICY but an EXTENSION of the ORIGINAL "NO BANNERS AT THE AO" Policy. If you can't afford bbs, don't play!! Don't be a scum and sell yourself out to low-life, anti-American, immigrant locusts!!! C'mon, have a little PRIDE!!


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