2013 ABCE made news!

News and discussion about the Army Birthday Combat Experience.
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2013 ABCE made news!

Post by Lionclaws » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:54 am


Thank you for spending Sat., Jul. 13th with us. Special thanks to Mr. Rob Gruspe and Mr. Peter O'Neil who COed each side and created frgo based on players' feedback. To Mr. Jeffery Brooks, Mr. Joshua Brooks and team ShadowSword, thank you for handling the thank-less task, we appreciate you guys!!

Once again our effort at Blue Cloud made news!!! Have a look!!


Now ON TO "VIETNAM" this Aug!! http://www.oplionclaws.com/hacbao/

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Re: 2013 ABCE made news!

Post by Grumpy1 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:56 pm


Thank you John Lu & Blue Cloud Studios for hosting yet another kick ass game at Blue Cloud Studios.

Also, special thanks to Jeff & Josh Brooks, fellow teammate Peter "Preacher" O'Neill, Team Shadowsword, Bob "Mengbo" Li, Team Lost Sheep, Ed "Longshanks" Van Brunt, David "Ducky" Anderson, Johann "Reaver" Curry, Joe "Alpha Wolf" Toledo, The Regiment, CJ Hyatt and ETS.
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Re: 2013 ABCE made news!

Post by 10outa10 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:48 am


I want to echo what Grumpy said about the event. It was a great time of airsofting. Rob "Grumpy" Gruspe, you are a worthy foe! While we may be friends off the field, you always have a few tricks to mess with me on game day. Thank you John Lu and Jeff Brooks also for giving Rob and I a chance to help out with the game play.

USFOR/NATO, you all did me proud. I love working with teams like Disposable Heros (DH), CROW SOG, Black Berets, QRT, Task Force Rangers (TFR), YCS, and Jactlegion. I pushed you guys and gave you missions and you never complained. Thank you all.

God bless and see you at the next event!

P.S. T-bag, you forgot your Booktop at Blue Cloud. Go back and get it! It was a gift from Bob and the Lost Sheep. :twisted:

Peter "Preacher" O'Neill
Team Shadowsword

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