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Did you need something?

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put out a reminder that Amped Airsoft is offering Pickup Orders for Irene up until September 18th at 2PM. We will be on site with a full trailer vending all the goodies you guys need, but recommend placing pickup orders so that we can get you exactly what you need on game day.

This should be a really awesome event with TONS of pyro being used.

For those looking to place an order, please follow these easy steps:

1.) Go to ampedairsoft.com
2.) Add items to cart that you would like
3.) Select In Store / Event Pickup
4.) Write For Irene in the order notes.
5.) Finish Checkout
6.) Arrive at the AO on Friday to pickup your order at our trailer
7.) Enjoy!

We currently have some TAG products still available including Paladins, FBG, Reapers, and TAG-19. Other TAG rounds are available for pre-order, but may not arrive until shortly after the event. Snag what you can before we sell out!

Link to TAG products:

We will also have a TON of EG-67s and smoke (EG18X, WP40, MILX) available. They are first come first serve so we highly recommend placing pre-orders as they are going to be hot items.

Link to EG products:

We also will have a full load of HPA BBs and Elite Force BBs available at the event.

Link to EF BBs:

Link to HPA BBs:

We will have MC Kydex Products as well as Titan Power Batteries available!

Link to MC Kydex:
https://ampedairsoft.com/search.php?sea ... C+Kydex%22

Link to Titan Power:
https://ampedairsoft.com/search.php?sea ... n+PoweR%22

We will be bringing quite a lot of other items as well, so make sure to swing by the trailer and check things out.

If anyone is looking for anything specific, please ensure to place a pickup order so that we can make sure to have it there for you.

If anyone has any questions, please shoot us an email to sales@ampedairsoft.com and we will get you squared away!

Thank you for your continued support!
See everyone at IRENE!

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