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How do I get thrown out of this game?

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:48 pm
by Pope
Basic OLC Rules violations are the fastest way to be removed from the game. Not wearing proper eye protection, fielding an unchronographed weapon, fielding a hot weapon, missing assembly, etc....

Equally important are the AO rules - violations will get you booted from the game. Know what you can climb on and what you can't, know the AO rules, do not break anything, do not take anything. Leave it the way you found it.

Not following the command structure. OLC MILITARY SIMULATION SERIES means we honor those who have and are serving our nation. We also follow their leadership principles. You are expected to follow the orders given to you. If you do not understand this or this is not your style of play - we understand and politely suggest you stick to skirmishing. Your commanders, PLs and SLs have a bigger picture of what is happening than you do - follow them.

General bad sportsmanship is also a no-go. This includes threats or name calling. It's one thing to use an expletive in conversation - it's another to throw it at someone. If you don't know the difference - don't use the language. Physical threats or altercations will not be tolerated and will be referred to local law enforcement. Theft or vandalism of property will also be referred to local LEOs.